How To Lighten Your Hair In Winter — Save Time & Money With A Low Maintenance Makeover

Getting highlights is a great way to brighten up your whole look, but they can be costly and time consuming. Here's how to make your hair makeover really last!

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I love a blonde highlight, especially in the winter, when hair can look dull and drab. But highlights cost a lot of money and are not exactly low-maintenance. Balayage is a technique where the highlights are “painted on” for a natural look that allows your roots to grow out in a controlled way, meaning less time in the salon chair and more time enjoying your life! Chrissy Teigen famously sports the balayage technique, which is great for the busy mom of two. We had Joanna Pinto, a colorist at Pierre Michel Salon in New York City give Leilah, below, a hair makeover that would last through her semester away at college.
“Leilah was ready for a little brightening,” Joanna told us. “It had a been a long time since she touched up her highlights. She still wanted to maintain natural looking color at the top, especially since she’s in school and can’t rush back to get her hair done. I did a combo of traditional highlights throughout with some balayage on the tips in between for a lighter overall look. Some people like to go lighter for winter and, in her case, it works because of her olive complexion. I just made sure to keep her highlights cooler in tone as opposed to warm especially since we are in the winter months. I didn’t want her getting washed out.”
Joanna also offered her top tips on keeping your new color vibrant. “I tell all of my color clients that at home care is key to maintaining beautiful color. Buying the right products will help keep the colors and tones last longer. Since we made Leilah a cool-toned blonde, a purple based shampoo would be ideal to keep the brassy tones away. Leilah has gorgeous hair, so she doesn’t need weekly masks, but for those blondes that are constantly touching up, I recommend an at-home conditioning treatment just to keep ends in good health.”
Leilah AFTER pics
Joanna adds, “For most traditional highlights, I recommend a touchup every eight to 12 weeks depending on the person. Because Leilah is away at school and I know she won’t be back soon, I created a look that would allow her to come back after 12 weeks, whenever she is ready. Just remember the lighter and further away you go from your natural color, the sooner you have to get in for a touchup. That’s why highlighting Leilah without altering her natural base shade was ideal.”