Nick Cannon’s Baby Mama Brittany Bell Defends Him Against Wendy Williams: He’s ‘Amazing’

Wendy Williams called Brittany Bell and Nick Cannon's child an 'oops baby', and now, the star's baby mama thinks the talk show host should think twice before dissing them again!

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Image Credit: Courtesy of Brittany Bell/Instagram

When Brittany Bell, 31, heard that Wendy Williams, 54, referred to her son with Nick Cannon, 38, as an “oops baby” on her talk show in late December, she reacted much differently on the inside than most would have. “I think that you have to take a moment and think of where that’s really rooting to and that’s just the character and the nature of that show if you really look at the history of it and that’s what she does and I trust 100% in Nick,” the momtrepreneur and creator of Mama Gang clothing line, tells HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY. “Nick is an amazing business man, he’s an amazing entertainer, he’s amazing at everything he does and I trust him in those moments. He knows what to do so I just took a moment and I said, ‘You know what? I trust him,’ and I let it go and then I said, ‘I want my son to know’ I never shared any beautiful photos and I said, ‘I’m going to share this one’. He’s not an oops, he’s an honor, and I just left it alone.”

Brittany, who also runs a philanthropy called The Non-Compete decided to practice what she preaches to young women herself by putting herself in Wendy’s shoes. “What I’m trying to teach other women is to not always live in a state of selfishness, that you first have to try to find the gratitude within yourself and then when you think about wanting to have that instinct to compete or defend or lash back at another woman or find yourself at odds with another woman, you first have to take a moment and put yourself in their shoes and have empathy and understand where they’re coming from, that way, you’re not reacting on complete emotion or pride, ego or insecurity,” Brittany says. “It’s just what she does like anything else. It’s just that kind of a show. You’ve got to understand, that’s just how it is. I don’t really play into all of it. It’s really not where I put my energy.”

Though Brittany wouldn’t confirm or deny if she and Nick are officially back together, the label doesn’t matter to her. “My heart is completely with my family,” she says when asked the status of the couple. “I would love more kids with Nick! I would definitely love to raise more children under the same household with the same family and same parent.”

But the real question is, has she forgiven the famed talk show host since the incident took place? “Yeah! That’s not for me to stress over,” Brittany says of her current feelings on the matter, noting that Wendy has not reached out to her since the episode aired. “I haven’t heard anything. I just know the industry is the industry, but as a mother, I want my son to always know that he was made with complete love and intention.”

We’re so glad everyone seems to have moved on from this situation and we really do hope to see Brittany and Nick make more beautiful babies in the very near future!