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Courtney Stodden Realized She Had ‘Daddy Issues’ After Marrying Doug Hutchison At 16

Courtney Stodden is open about a lot of things, including the fact that she's got issues -- 'Daddy Issues' to be exact! Courtney told HL EXCLUSIVELY about her new song!

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Courtney Stodden
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Courtney Stodden, 24, is known for marrying her now-ex husband, Doug Hutchison, 54, at 16 years old, but the relationship couldn’t have been all that bad for Courtney as she’s now turning her past into the present by singing about it! “2019 for me is all about my music,” Courtney tells HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY. “I actually do have some daddy issues, so why not throw all of that creative pain into this song and just be honest about it? It pretty much cuts deep in my life because I’m having issues with my own father right now, and him and I have been on and off for quite some time, and it’s affected me deeply, so it’s just a fun way to kind of express my heartbreak. ”

Courtney is no stranger to family issues. The singer has had several mommy issues as well and experienced years of not speaking to her mother over the fact that Courtney believed her mother was secretly in love with her husband at the time. However, the ladies have worked hard and their relationship is well on the mend. “My mom and I are actually doing great now,” Courtney says. “We’re rebuilding our relationship. That bond is so important, and at the end of the day, whatever has happened, it’s kind of water under the bridge for me because she’s my mom, and she’s been there for me, and I need support. I think anybody who is an artist and is super, uber creative can get so insanely immersed in that world, and you can feel so alone. It’s just important to have family. I’m so excited that me and my mom are re-bonding and learning to just trust each other again, but again, my dad and I are on the off now, so that really made me want to just come out with ‘Daddy Issues’ and own it.”

Though Courtney considers her relationship status when it comes to men as “it’s complicated,” she notes that she has not talked to her own father in about a year. “The last time I heard from him, he was gonna get a restraining order against me because I didn’t water his lawn,” Courtney reveals. “My whole life is complicated. But I guess I’ve noticed that it’s just the kind of person he is, and he hasn’t really been that active in my life. He’s kind of on and off, so sometimes you have to kind of cut toxic things out of your life, and I love my dad so much, and I’m always praying every day we can heal our relationship, but it’s not… Hey, these are my circumstances in life, and these are the cards that I’ve been dealt.

Courtney Stodden and Doug Hutchison together in Los Angeles. (Shutterstock)

We wish nothing but the best for Courtney as she works on repairing her relationship with her dad and we’re so glad she has her music to help get her through!