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Nash Grier Fans Freak His GF Is Pregnant After Video Appears To Show Her With Baby Bump

Nash Grier and Taylor Giavasis have been dating for over two years, but are they taking their relationship to the next level? We've got the truth on the pregnancy rumors!

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Image Credit: Courtesy of @Nashgrier/Instagram

UPDATE: False alarm! After fans were freaking out over a video that seemingly showed Nash’s girlfriend with a baby bump, the truth has come out — they aren’t expecting a little one, after all! “Definitely not confirmed,” the former Vine star’s rep told in a statement. “That was a friend’s Instagram Story and they were just playing around with Taylor’s ‘food baby’ that night.” Looks like some people were right! And as for those Twitter users who were super excited for Nash and Taylor to start a family, these two have got plenty of time for that when they’re ready.

Could it be? Nash Grier, 20, is making waves with a viral video — but not in the way you think! New footage of the former Vine star’s girlfriend was released by Kelsey Calemine on Dec. 13, featuring her friend Taylor Giavasis, 21, in a strapless black dress that hugged her curves. Taylor could be seen stroking her belly in the video, then smiling at the camera, and while she may have been flaunting her food baby for the camera, some fans think she was showing off a baby bump. Like, a real one! Twitter users have been freaking out ever since the footage spread.

“YO WTF NASH GRIER IS GOING TO BE A F*CKING DAD???? 4 YRS AGO HE WAS ASKING IF I HAD A BAE OR NAH,” one wrote, while another added, “Wait Nash Grier is about to become a dad?? I guess after all these years of girls calling him daddy he took it literally.” Others don’t believe that the video is the real deal and think that Taylor was just joking around — which makes sense. She was eating, after all, and the bump beneath her dress could definitely pass for a food baby. “The only ‘confirmation’ is a pic of his gf on someone else’s snapchat very clearly at a restaurant so i don’t buy it,” one fan explained. “It’s a food baby. you have been bamboozled & that’s the only tea.”

Good point! Whatever the case, Nash’s fans are freaking out and anxiously awaiting an explanation.

But considering the former Viner took over a year to reveal Taylor to the public after they started dating, the odds are good that if he did have a baby on the way, he’d keep their little one on the DL as well. has reached out to Nash Grier’s rep for comment.