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‘Manifest’: [SPOILER] Dies & Jared Barely Survives In Terrifying Fall Finale Episode

The drama comes to a head on 'Manifest' with an action-packed, anxiety-inducing fall finale! Find out what happened this week in our recap!

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Welcome to the Fall Finale! Manifest is going out with a bang before it leaves us feeling as lost as Flight 828 in the upcoming months. Because the Stone family can’t just have a normal Saturday, Grace’s plans to throw Ben a party are thwarted when one of the missing passengers, Autumn Cox, stumbles into their front yard and literally falls into Ben’s arms. Autumn is disoriented, wearing the same clothes she had on the plane, and has two distinctive burn marks on her forehead. Everything they’ve suspected so far is real. They’re doing experiments on passengers!

Autumn was taken because when she landed, Vance found warrants out for her arrest. Instead of going to jail, cops took her to the warehouse. She managed to escape when everyone was being moved to the new facility. Autumn came to see Ben because his name was repeating in her head; he’s her calling. Autumn’s now part of the fold, and so is Vance. Now that he’s seen an actual victim, it’s the incentive he needs to call a raid. Just a slight problem: there’s nobody at the warehouse when the troops (and Michaela and Jared) get there. What the what?

The experiments are still happening, and they’re getting worse. This time, when the voltage gets cranked, it’s not just Cal in pain. It’s everyone — Ben, Michaela, Saanvi, Autumn, Fiona, and who knows how many others. Cal’s nose bleeds like he’s frickin’ Eleven, and he pops up at the warehouse? Like that’s just normal? Cal reveals that they’re searching in the wrong place. The lab is hidden in a cellar near the warehouse! After a LOT of firefight and drama, the passengers are successfully rescued. But not everyone makes it out unscathed.

The gun shots sparked a fire in the lab, and it reaches the oxygen tanks. Vance and Jared are still inside when the lab explodes. Vance doesn’t make it. Jared is barely holding on in the hospital when Michaela pulls a desperate move. In her grief, she begs the “callings” to save Jared, and he wakes up! Are the callings god? Ben is safe, but his marriage isn’t. When he finally comes home with a busted up Cal (he’s okay), Grace loses it. She’s finally had enough, and kicks him out. That’s the least of his worries, though. Looks like Autumn isn’t who she seems…

Manifest comes back to NBC on January 7.