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‘Let’s Make A Deal’ Preview: Host Wayne Brady Rips His Pants Doing Burpees — Watch

Whoops! 'Let's Make a Deal' host Wayne Brady rips his pants while doing burpees in this EXCLUSIVE preview of the Nov. 20 edition of 'Let's Make A Deal.' This video is HILARIOUS!

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Wayne Brady is the kind of host that goes all-out. In this EXCLUSIVE preview of the all-new episode of Let’s Make A Deal, airing Nov. 20, the host gets physical and tries out burpees in front of the audience. At first, he says he just wants to make sure he doesn’t rip his jacket, but he ends up ripping his pants! Wayne doesn’t hold back as he does the burpees alongside a contestant and announcer Jonathan Mangum. Afterwards, Wayne says he feels “reenergized.” He adds, “I can guarantee that what you’ve just seen on this game show is something you’ve never seen on any other game show — the host working out. And here’s something you’ve never seen on a game show…”

Wayne suddenly turns around and bends over to reveal his ripped pants. He’s got on yellow underwear! Wayne admits the rip happened on the very first burpee, but he kept going! What a trooper! “See, that’s why when your mom tells you to wear good underwear,” Wayne continues. “I invest in good underwear.” Wayne then challenges fellow game show hosts Alex Trebek and Steve Harvey to rip their pants! Whoa! Wayne gets a good laugh out of the whole situation, as he should!

There’s still a game to be played, so Jonathan covers up Steve’s behind so that they can continue on in the game. Let’s Make A Deal airs weekdays on CBS.