‘L&HH Hollywood’ Reunion: Lyrica & A1 Share DNA Test Results — Is He Her Baby’s Daddy?

Finally! During the Nov. 12 reunion special for 'Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood', Lyrica and A1 revealed their DNA test results.

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Image Credit: Courtesy of Instagram

Congratulations to A1 — he is the father of Lyrica‘s unborn baby. They revealed their DNA test results during the Nov. 12 episode of Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood. During Part 1 of the reunion special, Lyrica said, “It just hurts me that even my own mother-in-law would ask for a DNA test. It hurts me that my so-called sister-in-law would — first of all, she didn’t know what the f*** she was talking about — but I did this DNA test because I wanted to make sure that A1 felt comfortable. That’s all I care about.”

When A1’s mom, Pam, was asked how she felt about the news, she said, “I ain’t going to sit up here and lie. [My daughter-in-law] showed [the texts from A1 claiming Lyrica cheated], and that’s what it was. And that’s all I’m going to say. Obviously, she was referring to the moment when her daughter-in-law informed her that A1 had confided in her about Lyrica possibly cheating on him around the same time that she got pregnant. And to that, A1 quickly added his own feelings. “Me and my sister-in-law, Patrice, had that conversation a long time ago. I’ve done nothing to her, but [she’s] giving my f***ing text messages and [my mom’s] saying that was cool? That doesn’t even make sense. At the end of the day, you get f***ing chopped off for that s***,” A1 told the crowd, as he revealed he ended his relationship with his sister-in-law over all the drama she caused him by revealing those private text messages.

Then, A1’s mom started screaming at Lyrica’s mom, saying she caused a lot of the drama, but Lyrica didn’t seem to agree. Lyrica even told A1’s mom that she won’t be at the baby’s birth unless she apologizes for how she’s acted. “You evil witch,” Lyrica yelled. A1 didn’t exactly feel the same way, though. He called Lyrica out for blasting his mom before Lyrica went in harder on his mom, saying she needs to apologize for asking her to take a DNA test — “That broke my f***ing heart!” It seems like this family’s still dealing with a lot of drama, but fortunately, we now know A1 is the father of Baby Bentley.

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