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Mario Lopez Admits He’s ‘Not Opposed’ To A ‘Saved By The Bell Reboot’

Mario Lopez does it ALL -- from being an entertainment media maven, an actor, a TV show host, a YouTuber (yup!) and a dad, he has a ton on his plate. However, he tells HL that his schedule wouldn't stop him from taking part in a 'Saved By The Bell' reboot!

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Mario Lopez
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’90s (and modern day) heartthrob Mario Lopez is known foremost for his role as A.C. Slater in Saved By The Bell. In the current culture of television reboots, from Roseanne to Veronica Mars, we had to ask Mario on the HollywoodLife podcast if there was any possibility, at all, that we’d see he and his former co-stars reconnect in a revival! “I’ve got a lot on my plate, but I’d never be opposed to something if it was smart and cool, you know?” he told HL. “Obviously, we can’t go back to high school, right? We’re too old for that, so if my kids were older, then it’d be kind of fun.” He then joked, “Right now, it’d have to be Saved By the Bell: The Elementary School Years.”

Although there isn’t a plan to see Mario, Mark-Paul Gosselaar, Tiffani Thiessen, and Lisa Voorhies back at Bayside High School just yet, the award-winning TV personality revealed that the cast does see each other out and about. “It’s kind of like real high school. You see them when you can, and you pick up where you left off,” Mario said. “I get along with them real well.” During the interview, Mario also discussed his new venture: The Lopez Family YouTube channel! “The fun thing about the YouTube channel is that we get to shoot these little things when we want, and they’re very off the cuff,” he explained. “In the videos, We focus on our five Fs, our family, fun, food, fitness, and faith. We try to represent that well. My daughter is starting to pitch some ideas, though!”

Mario recently partnered with the Undeniably Dairy campaign to connect people with the farmers and the dairy community behind the real, nutrient rich and responsibly produced dairy foods they love! “They’re encouraging families to get together at the dinner table, and to make it a priority to put away their devices because they did a study, and it shows that half of people always have their cellphones, iPads, some sort of device with them. So, you’re really not connecting, even though you’re trying to be together [as a family],” Mario explained. “I love that they’re encouraging to put that down, make it a priority, develop these bonds over a meal, which I think is the best way. It’s something that we practice over at Casa Lopez, so I’m a big fan of that.” You can check out the amazing findings in the Undeniably Dairy survey, and listen to our full podcast interview with Mario, here!