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Mark Ruffalo Campaigns For Democrats: ‘We Offer You Love, Inclusion & Hope’

Actor Mark Ruffalo may play a superhero in movies, but he's using his own super energy to motivate 'you' -- voters -- to get to the polls on Nov. 6 and vote for positive, progressive candidates!

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Why is Mark Ruffalo out urging everyone to vote, in the closing days of the midterm elections? “I want to offer something else to the American people — we’re offering love, inclusion and hope,” he told in an EXCLUSIVE interview in NYC at a Swing Left rally in NYC on Nov. 1. “We don’t put pipe bombs in post boxes, we put handwritten postcards with your polling station, we don’t do death threats, we promise you that pre-existing conditions will be honored, we promise you medicaid for all, we promise you good education. We’re offering more to the American people than fear, hate and loathing,” he said.

Ruffalo was clearly responding to the “nationalist” horrors of the past two weeks — the bombs mailed to 14 Democrats and critics of the president, by a Trump fan, and the massacre at a Pittsburgh synagogue by an anti-semite, who also hated immigrants. He was clapping back at Donald Trump‘s claims that Democrats are “an angry left Wing mob.” “We’re the love mob,” Ruffalo told HollywoodLife. “We don’t threaten your life, we give you healthcare,” he said. “We don’t shoot up your synagogues, we cover pre-existing conditions.”

Swing Left is a progressive political group that formed after the 2016 election, which elected Trump as a president, with a mission to flip the House of Representatives to the Democrats. It has focused on creating a network of volunteers, particularly in swing districts across the US to call and canvas potential voters. Ruffalo was at the NYC rally to speak to volunteers gearing up to reach out to voters on the last weekend before the election. He hopes voters aren’t tricked by Republican candidates who are now lying and saying that they will protect Americans’ right to have their healthcare plans cover pre-existing conditions, after they have voted over 70 times to repeal the Affordable Care Act.

Donald Trump has promised multiple, multiple times to “kill” Obamacare. “We haven’t been the ones voting to get rid of pre-existing conditions time and time again. Look at our actions… time and time again Republicans have tried to repeal the ACA and time and time again, we have fought for them,” he told HollywoodLife. “You can be willfully ignorant if you want but you’re going to lose… and you’ll be the one with a child sick with a brain tumor… trying to figure out how you’re going to pay your mortgage and take care of that child. So wake up folks, Democrats have been fighting for you, tooth and nail the whole time. Come back to us.”

Now, Mark is hoping you will not just vote next Tuesday and bring your friends, but if you have any time to volunteer for Swing Left to call and canvas for Democratic candidates, go to, and sign up!

Mark Ruffalo will call you a hero!