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‘Halloween’ Transformation: See 6-Year-Old Michael Myers All Grown Up — Shocking Pic

Halloween is a night full of tricks, and the actor who portrayed young Michael Myers has grown up to be quite a treat. Will Sandin, 49, now looks tastier than any piece of candy you’ll get this All Hallows’ Eve.

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Some horror fans may prefer the strong silent types, like Jason Voorhees. Others might think Freddy Krueger is a dreamboat. However, after looking at Will Sandin – the man who played young Michael Myers in the original Halloween film – he might be the horror hunk that every scream queen goes wild over. Will (at age 9) played the six-year-old Michael Myers in 1978, stabbing his older sister Judith at the start of the iconic horror movie. Forty years later, a picture of the now 49-year-old Will (WHICH YOU CAN SEE HERE) hit the Internet and has left some horror fans feeling hot and bothered.

While technically not the first person to play Michael Myers (that would be Debra Hill, who was behind the POV at the start of the first Halloween, per Horror Society) Will is the one seen holding the bloody butcher’s knife after being unmasked. As it so happens, six actors played Michael in the first film. Nick Castle was Michael for the majority of the movie, with Tommy Lee Wallace standing in for The Shape in the closet scene. Stuntman Jim Winburn portrayed the Haddonfield horror during the dangerous shots. When Laurie Strode (aka Jamie Lee Curtis) unmasked Michael at the climax, it was Tony Moran’s face everyone saw.

As for what happened to Will after Halloween, his IMDB page doesn’t reveal much. He reportedly went on to appear in television-movies and TV shows like Galactica 1980, according to Horror Society. Yet, these were never more than background roles. While Ari Lehman, 53, made a name for himself as being the first actor to play Jason Voorhees in the original Friday The 13th movie – even fronting a metal band called First Jason – Will seemingly faded from the spotlight.

So, what happened? Rumors claim that he pursued a life out of the spotlight, allegedly working as police officer (though other reports claim he was a social studies teacher.) However, since the early 2000s, Will has embraced his place in horror history and has been making the rounds at conventions like, Flashback Weekend. Perhaps with the success of the 2018 Halloween movie, he’ll give acting a second try?