Cassie Believes Diddy ‘Played’ Her & That He’s ‘Gas Lighting’ Her Over Hooking Up With Jocelyn Chew

After over a decade of on and off love with Diddy, Cassie is furious that he's allegedly hooking up with model Jocelyn Chew. We've got details on why she's feeling like he played her big time.

Diddy And Cassie
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Cassie devoted over 11 years of her life to her on-again off-again relationship with Sean “Diddy” Combs, 48. They never got engaged, didn’t have children and at 32-years-old the singer feels like she gave away the best years of her life to the rap mogul. “Cassie is definitely stinging, all of her friends warned her that Sean was a player but she wouldn’t listen. She fell for all of his promises and she can’t help feeling played. Cassie gave over eleven years of her life to Sean, and she believed him when he said he had changed and that he was ready to settle down with her and finally get married, but clearly he wasn’t,” a source close to the “Long Way To Go” singer tells EXCLUSIVELY.

It’s particularly painful for Cassie that Diddy has allegedly been dating 26-year-old model Jocelyn Chew for the past several weeks, moving on and leaving his longtime love in the dust. “Cassie’s emotions are all the place right now, one minute she’s angry, the next minute she’s heartbroken. She’s an emotional wreck truth be told, and she doesn’t trust herself what to feel, or how to be right now. Sean insists he isn’t hooking up with Jocelyn, but Cassie’s gut instinct tells her that he’s lying. She knows him, and she knows deep down that he’s gas lighting her. She believes he’s spent the past ten plus years gas slighting her and leading her on, and she’s pissed,” our insider continues.

“The thing that she’s most pissed about though is the fact that she’s now 32 and single and has to start looking for a future baby daddy. Sean knew Cassie wants a baby, and he promised her they would have one together, but that’s yet one more thing that never materialized. She believes he has a lot to answer for, not just Jocelyn,” our source adds.

Four days after their breakup and amid reports that Diddy and Jocelyn were a new couple, Cassie took to an Instagram story and wrote “F–k these hoes.” Meanwhile, the Canadian model took to Twitter on Oct. 22 and seemed to taunt Diddy’s ex, writing “People like to make the same mistakes over and over and then wonder why they aren’t happy. Self sabotage is real, don’t play yourself!” Ouch.

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