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Cassie & P Diddy Split: Why She Got ‘Tired Of Waiting’ For Him To Put A Ring On It

It's 'Me & You' no more for Cassie and P Diddy. There are plenty of questions about why these two split and now we can reveal that they had major tension over the Bad Boy rapper's refusal to wife her.

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Cassie, 32, and P Diddy, 48, have been together for over a decade so it was a major shock when news broke on Oct. 17 that he may have a new squeeze – model Jocelyn Chew. Rumors began to circulate that the ladies’ man was cheating on his longtime love, after he was spotted with the 26-year-old multiple times, but a source tells HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY that there was “tension” long before Jocelyn came along.

“Cassie got tired of waiting for Diddy to put a ring on it. That was a big source of their issues and arguments,” our insider says. “He always told her he wasn’t ready but he did leave room for her to believe that eventually the ring would come. But it never did.”

Fortunately for Cassie she has major talent to fall back on and she’s just as gorgeous as ever. In case you need proof check out her latest hot pics. She’s clearly a catch and we’re betting it won’t be long before someone scoops her up. Of course before she can fall in love again, she needs to get over her feelings for the hip-hop mogul.  And judging by a post to her Instagram Story on Oct. 21 she might have some unresolved emotions regarding the split. The message she shared read, “F*** these hoes [sic].” Now, we’re not saying that she’s referring to her love rival or her ex, but the timing of her post makes us think that she wants to get something off her chest!

Luckily for all the “C Diddy” worshippers out there, there’s still some hope of a reunion between these two, because breaking up and making up is kind of a pattern for them. They’ve already split multiple times, including back in 2015 and again in 2016. Maybe this latest split is only temporary too! We’ll have to wait and see.