‘Riverdale’s Mädchen Amick: ‘It’s Going To Be Rocky For FP & Alice’ In Episodes Ahead

Falice shippers, brace yourselves. HollywoodLife spoke EXCLUSIVELY with Mädchen Amick about what's coming up for FP and Alice. Mädchen teased that Falice isn't going to have it easy -- but they will happen!

There are a lot of couples to *ship* on Riverdale, and one of the strongest fandoms is definitely Falice. Fans have been waiting three seasons for FP and Alice to finally get together — for real! — and they may just get their wish. But it’s not going to be an easy road, especially with FP’s estranged wife, Gladys, coming back to town. HollywoodLife spoke EXCLUSIVELY with Mädchen Amick about Falice’s future at the show’s press room at New York Comic Con.

“I think it’s going to be rocky for FP and Alice, unfortunately,” Mädchen told HollywoodLife. “It’s a constant thing on Riverdale, right? You feel like, ‘Oh, everything is going to be OK, and then it’s like the rug is pulled out from underneath you yet again.'” But we’ve all seen the trailer where FP and Alice are in bed together, so there is going to be some Falice action in season 3. “They happen a few times,” she teased.

At the end of the season 3 premiere, Betty suffered a seizure. Mädchen revealed that Betty’s health scare will kick off a new “mystery” on the show. “That seizure is going to loom during the entire season, so it’s going to be a big mystery that needs to be solved,” Mädchen said. She also added that Alice is “going to try to be even more protective” of Betty.

Alice and Polly have also joined a new cult called The Farm. As the season goes on, the show is going to peel back the layers on the cult. “Roberto [Aguirre-Sacasa] definitely has plans to reveal the cult in all of its cultiness,” Mädchen teased. “We will eventually meet Edgar Evernever, who is a very looming character, very charismatic, but definitely going to be a lot of trouble to Riverdale.”

As for Alice dealing with her murderous husband, Hal: “She’s in complete denial right now. She’s not facing it whatsoever. She is eventually going to have to face it and come to terms with it.” Riverdale season 3 airs Wednesdays at 8 p.m. on The CW.

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