Daddy Yankee ‘Likes’ A BTS Tweet & Fans Are Convinced A Collaboration Is Coming

Who knew that ‘liking’ a tweet could cause so much excitement! BTS fans were sent into a frenzy when Daddy Yankee showed the K-Pop group love on Twitter — and now they’re convinced a collab is in the works!

Could we be getting a collaboration from Daddy Yankee and BTS in the near future? That’s what members of the BTS #Army think is coming after noticing a very special ‘like’ on Daddy Yankee’s Twitter page! The Latin superstar favorited a tweet from the group’s official Twitter account about their song “Airplane Pt. 2,” and fans could not hide their excitement. “Daddy Yankee just liked a BTS tweet,” someone wrote. “If this is some kind of hint for a collab I would def cry the s*** out of my Latina a**.”

The passionate #Army gushed over how iconic it would be for their favorite guys to work with a “legend” like Daddy Yankee, and flooded Twitter with messages of hope for the collaboration. “Is Daddy Yankee going to do a remix of airplane pt 2 when BTS tours in Latin America because he LIKED THIS TWEET!!” one fan wondered. Another added, “I’m saying this right now…RIGHT NOW. If Daddy Yankee REALLY does this collaboration with BTS I’m cracking eggs on my head. MARK MY WORDS.”

Neither artist has commented on the possibility of a collaboration just yet, but clearly, they have fans buzzing. BTS has certainly made a name for themselves as an international sensation over the last two years, and this is just more evidence of that!

Meanwhile, the guys are keeping very busy at the moment, as they’re currently in the midst of their world tour. Earlier this month, they wrapped up the United States leg, and now, they’re in Europe for a string of dates. In November, they head to Japan for more shows, as well.