‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Season 15 Kicks Off With A Proposal, A Secret Pregnancy & A New Chief

On the Sept. 27 season premiere of 'Grey's Anatomy', the doctors fought for an open position, Maggie became the keeper of a massive secret, and Jo and Alex's honeymoon didn't go as planned.

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Following Alex and Jo’s gorgeous wedding, Season 15 of Grey’s Anatomy picked up almost immediately after the couple said “I do.” In fact, the Sept. 27 premiere kicked off with Meredith and Andrew in bed together. But it’s not what you, or ABC wanted you to, think — she was actually just dreaming about a hot hookup with a few of the Grey Sloan Memorial Doctors (Jackson!) after her unexpected kiss with Andrew at the wedding. But even if it wasn’t real, the dreamy hookup was enough to put Meredith in a funky mood throughout most of the episode. She dodged every man she came in contact with, even if that included the hot new “Ortho God”, Link. Even the attempt at a hello from him didn’t go over too well with Meredith — when he tried introducing himself, she quickly shooed him away. It’s not something we would have done, but to each their own, right? Anyway, don’t count Link out just yet — by the end of the two-part episode, Meredith convinced a patient of hers to give her some tips on finding love again.

Meanwhile, Teddy went looking for Owen after accepting the job as interim chief at Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital, only to be spooked by the appearance of a teenage girl at his house. It wasn’t the fact that she thought they were hooking up — Teddy actually left after hearing that Owen and Amelia were together inside the house with “the baby”. Obviously, Teddy had no idea what was going on, but she knew enough to high-tail it out of Seattle before Owen noticed her presence. As you’ll recall, Teddy told Bailey she was pregnant during the Season 14 finale, and viewers assumed Owen was the father since they hooked up in Germany just a few weeks prior. And guess what? We were right! On her way out of town — and the hospital — Teddy started feeling some pain in her leg, so she had everything checked out by Maggie, only to discover that her close relationship with both Meredith and Amelia may cause a problem for her. Thanks to HIPAA, however, Maggie may not be able to tell Amelia about Teddy’s pregnancy without breaking the law. So maybe Teddy’s in the clear for now!

Especially because Maggie had her own drama to deal with this week. After she and Jackson nearly got killed by a woman who fell asleep while driving, he started believing things happen for a reason. Essentially, he started believe in faith more than science, which led him to sort of propose to Maggie by the end of the first hour. She, of course, freaked out since they hadn’t even said they loved each other yet. But after their patient died — a girl on a bike who did get hit by the car — they hashed out their situation, and Jackson explained that he wasn’t really proposing. Instead, he just wanted to tell Maggie that he has fallen in love with her. Cute, right? Oh yeah, and she said the same.

In other relationship news, Amelia decided to give her relationship with Owen another shot — but that realization came after the fact that she saw Teddy at the hospital. So was she scared of losing Owen or does she really want to be with him? That is yet to be determined, but she did tell Owen that she wants to try really hard not to be fearful, and see where their rekindled romance takes them. Side note: she and Owen still don’t know about Teddy’s pregnancy.

And finally, Jo and Alex’s honeymoon ended abruptly when she came up with a way to keep them in Seattle. Instead of going to Boston, where she had already been accepted into a fellowship, she presented Meredith and Bailey with an idea that will change the face of medicine. We’re still not exactly sure what she was presenting, but it looks like she and Alex aren’t going anywhere! After Bailey gave them a hard time about the hospital’s finances, she finally agreed to pay Jo’s salary out of her own pocket. And in the meantime, she handed over the reigns of the hospital to… Alex! That’s right, Alex is now the new interim chief of Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital.

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