Kevin Hart Was ‘Shocked’ By Leslie Jones’ Disses — Is He Planning To Clap Back? The Truth

Kevin Hart honestly thought Leslie Jones considered him a friend so he can't believe she publicly dissed him and tried to make him seem like an indecent person.

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Kevin Hart, 39, is not taking Leslie Jones‘ recent negative comments about him too well and in fact, he was shocked that she put him on public display with such nasty accusations. “Kevin was shocked by Leslie’s attack on him, it totally floored him, he thought they were tight, so the diss completely came out of left field,” a source close to Kevin EXCLUSIVELY told HollywoodLife. “Kevin prides himself on being a solid, stand-up guy, a good person, and over the years he’s given a lot of advice to fledging comedians, in addition to supporting them—so, Leslie’s attack on him really stung.”

Despite Kevin’s disappointment in Leslie’s words, he’s not planning on getting back at her anytime soon. “Kevin isn’t one to immediately hit back, plus, he doesn’t want to get into a beef with Leslie, so he’s taking his time and thinking things over before he decides how to respond,” the source continued. “It was definitely hurtful reading what she said about him, but Kevin wants to take a step back for some reflection, and work out in his mind if she was justified in what she said.”

Leslie spoke out about Kevin when she gave a statement to Bossip that was in response to him using her name in his ongoing feud with Katt Williams. After Kevin accused Katt of never helping anyone underneath him, Leslie clapped back at Kevin by accusing him of never putting any female comedians on his tour. In addition to telling the outlet that Kevin told her she’d “never make it” as a comedian, she went off about what she considers his hypocrisy. “While he talking about Katt what did he do to put women on he didn’t help females they wasn’t on his tour F*CK THAT N***A!!,” Leslie angrily said in the statement. “At least Katt put me on his tour. Kevin could have put me on a long time ago but he never respected me or my comedy and trust I can call his card he know I can.”

We’ve reached out to Kevin’s rep for a comment but haven’t heard back yet.

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