Nicole Kidman: Why She’s Giving Son, 23, His ‘Freedom’ & Not Pressuring Him To Leave Scientology

When Nicole's son moved to a Scientology compound in Florida for VIP members, rumor had it the actress wanted to get him out of there ASAP. Turns out, she actually won't be getting involved, a source told HL exclusively. Here's why!

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Looks like Connor Cruise, 23, is following in his father’s footsteps! Although Nicole Kidman and Tom Cruise‘s son had been living in an apartment with friends, he recently moved to a Scientology compound in Florida, a resort that is walking distance from the organization’s spiritual headquarters — and very close to Tom’s new penthouse apartment. While his new residence in the Sandcastle retreat doesn’t confirm that Connor will be taking on a larger role in Scientology like his father, it sure does seem that way! With its ocean views, tiki bar and hot tub, this is compound is an exclusive one for VIP members. When the news broke, reports claimed Nicole was trying to get Connor out, but a source close to the actress told EXCLUSIVELY that she’s staying out of the drama.

“Nicole is not a Scientologist, but she’s very respectful of Connor’s choice to remain a part of the church,” the insider said. “She loves her son dearly and is fiercely protective of their relationship. The last thing she would ever do would be to try and force him to leave Scientology. Nicole only wants the best for Connor, but she gives him the freedom to make his own decisions, and that includes his religious beliefs and where he wants to live.”

When Nicole and Tom divorced in 2001, both of their adopted children chose to stick with their Scientologist father. Nicole did not attend her daughter Isabella‘s wedding in 2015 and raised eyebrows when she didn’t mention her or Connor during an acceptance speech at the Emmy Awards two years later. Leah Remini, 48, who defected from the church after 30 years as a member, revealed in her tell-all book Troublemaker: Surviving Hollywood and Scientology that Nicole’s daughter viewed her as an SP, or Suppressive Person, after she left. This would make her an “enemy of the church” to be disconnected from.

That being said, Nicole has never spoken badly about her children or their religion in the press, and reportedly hasn’t attempted to pressure them away from the organization.

“Even if Nicole wanted to put pressure on Connor to leave Scientology she’s very aware that it would only backfire and damage her relationship with him so she’s very careful not to do anything that could jeopardize things with him,” the inside source explained. “She’s well past trying to pressure him to leave Scientology, she just wouldn’t even try that at this point.” It sounds like Nicole is stuck between a rock and a hard place, and we respect her decision to continue supporting her kids.

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