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Is Teddy Perkins At The Emmys? ‘Atlanta’ Fans Go Wild Over Possible Donald Glover Cameo

If you missed this moment, it's because it only lasted 2 seconds! 'Atlanta' fans are convinced they just saw Donald Glover as Teddy Perkins sitting in the audience at the Emmys! What just happened? ...

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Image Credit: Courtesy of FX/Shutterstock

So, we know Donald Glover, 34, is at the 70th Primetime Emmy Awards in LA. However, we didn’t know Atlanta‘s Teddy Perkins was going to make a cameo. Fans of the hit FX show are convinced the camera panned to a man, believed to be (Donald Glover as) Teddy Perkins for just a few quick seconds, twice. — Once when Bill Hader took the stage to accept the award (for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Comedy Series) and then again at the end of his speech. After that, Perkins was nowhere to be found. Nonetheless, fans are buzzing about the potential appearance and here’s what we know.

“Is that Teddy Perkins at the ?”, one fan tweeted. “Did I just see Teddy Perkins???”, another asked. Meanwhile, one TV critic new what her eye witnessed. “Whoa: I thought you guys were kidding. Teddy Perkins is IN the audience,” she wrote. The questions and disbelief continued to pour in: “Is DONALD GLOVER THERE AS TEDDY PERKINS?”, one excited person tweeted.

Incase you haven’t binged Atlanta, “Teddy Perkins” is a very strange and odd character, played by Glover. The singer and actor actually went through hours of makeup and prosthetic application to achieve Perkins’ full look. Perkins appears in the sixth episode of the second season of the American comedy-drama. He is also in the 16th episode of the series overall. Glover donned a boatload of makeup and prosthetics to play the character in a very strange episode of the hit FX comedy.

Atlanta garnered a total of 16 Emmy nods. And, while Glover did not win the Emmy for Best Comedy Actor, it’s safe to say he, as well as the series, stole the show!