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Iggy Azalea ‘Shocked’ Ariel Winter Took Shots At Her Over Eminem Diss

Iggy thinks Ariel's diss was unfair, considering Eminem rapped that Iggy's a 'ho,' we've EXCLUSIVELY learned. But Ariel just wanted Iggy to stay in her lane -- no offense intended!

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Iggy Azalea Reacts Ariel Winter Diss
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Iggy Azalea, 28, braced herself for the hate after tweeting on Sept. 14 that Eminem, 45, shouldn’t name-drop to “pad out lazy bars.” She just didn’t expect Ariel Winter, 20, to be one of her critics! After Eminem called Iggy a “ho” on his diss track “Killshot,” she’s surprised the Modern Family actress wasn’t offended by the sexist term too. “Iggy is seriously shocked that Ariel Winter took shots at her because she’s always thought of Ariel as a very strong feminist,” a friend of Iggy’s EXCLUSIVELY shares with HollywoodLife. “Iggy was fully expecting people to come after her for her opinion on Eminem. She knew there would be lots of backlash, but she is a bit surprised that Ariel came after her.”

After Iggy called out Eminem’s verses, Ariel tweeted on Sept. 15, “Is she seriously calling out Eminem for having “lazy” bars…….awkward because…I mean,” accompanied by the meme of a man smiling with floating question marks. In the verse under fire, Eminem raps, “You ain’t never made a list next to no Biggie, no Jay / Next to Taylor Swift and that Iggy ho, you about to really blow.” Although the diss track was aimed at Machine Gun Kelly, 28, Iggy did not appreciate how her name was thrown in! “The fact that Ariel has no issue with Eminem calling Iggy a ho for literally no reason is just baffling to Iggy,” the “Kream” rapper’s friend continues. Ariel herself has been blasted for what she’s worn in the past, so she’s no stranger to anti-feminist hate. Iggy’s friend continues, “She thought other women would at least have her back on this one, so she is a bit disappointed in Ariel. But Iggy is not losing any sleep over it. She’s very used to being attacked over everything, it is what it is.”

But Ariel didn’t see her tweet as an attack against Iggy! “Ariel wasn’t speaking out against or attacking Iggy, per-se, she was simply objecting to her criticism of Eminem,” a source close to the ABC actress EXCLUSIVELY reveals to us. “But, Ariel has come under fire from Iggy fans though, which is crazy, because if you read her tweets she doesn’t attack Iggy directly, either professionally or personally. Ariel is a huge Eminem fan, she grew up listening to his music, and she thinks he’s a rap god, so that’s why she weighed in in the first place,” our second source explains. Ariel did follow up her original tweet that called out Iggy, replying to a fan on Sept. 16, “I enjoy [Iggy’s] music as well I just don’t think she should ever be calling Eminem’s verses lazy. Her music is fun but it is not anywhere near Eminem’s caliber.”

To Iggy’s credit, she regards Eminem’s status in the music industry just as highly as Ariel does. The younger rapper also tweeted, “One of the greatest to do it, I’m NOT in dispute about that. But I do think the name dropping thing has become a [crutch],” and later tweeting that his earlier tracks were “crazy, twisted and creative.” Still, Ariel’s entitled to her right to free speech…AKA, subtweets!

“Sure, Ariel is an actress and a celebrity, but she’s still entitled to share her thoughts and beliefs on social media, just the same as the rest of us,” our source goes on. “Sometimes though it feels like when you’re a public figure, anything and everything you say is going to be dissected and attacked by some troll somewhere, it’s just exhausting! Ariel doesn’t let it get her down though, she’s an outspoken and forthright person and she doesn’t plan on changing anytime soon,” our source explains. Ironically, maybe Iggy can apply Ariel’s solution for all the naysayers. Our source finally says, “As for all the haters, as far as Ariel is concerned, there’s an unfollow button for a reason, and if you don’t like what she has to say then don’t read it. Pretty simple really.”