‘Marriage Boot Camp’ Recap: Aubrey O’Day Accuses ‘Jersey Shore’s Pauly D Of ‘Torturing’ Her

A whole new season of 'Marriage Boot Camp' is upon us, and with the Sept. 7 premiere came a whole lot of drama. Specifically, Aubrey O'Day took some major digs at Pauly D.

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Well, we can now see why Aubrey O’Day, 34, and Pauly D, 38, never worked out as a couple. During the Sept. 7 season premiere of Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars, they threw some major shade at each other. Not only did she label him as a “playboy”, but she also said he often “tortures” her. WTF?! Yes, the former Danity Kane singer told her housemates — Kim Richards, 53, and Wynn KatzPuma and QuaniMomma Dee, 54, and Ernest, and Desiree Hartsock, 32, and Chris Siegfried, 32 — that the Jersey Shore star often upsets her so much that she ends up curled up in a ball on the floor, crying her eyes out.

Aubrey, who has starred on Marriage Boot Camp before (but not with Pauly D), was the last to arrive at the house during the premiere. But she also came across as one of the house guests with the most relationship issues. Coming into the house, Aubrey said she was hoping that Pauly would learn how to “control his anger and emotions better”, while he said if they can’t make it work during this process, then it’ll likely be a “deal-breaker” for him.

After a mock prom exercise, Aubrey claimed that Pauly D gives her “threats disguised as choices. The threat is always that he will leave me. He’s explosive.” Meanwhile, Pauly D acknowledged that Aubrey “has been through so much therapy and so many relationships, so if she thinks she knows the right way, I don’t think she does. She’s always teaching, teaching, teaching, and I don’t want to date a teacher. That’s super annoying.”

It also doesn’t help that Aubrey is “really messy” and he always has everything “perfectly pristine.” According to him, she often lets her dogs pee on his curtains, leaves dishes in the sink and overall, just leaves his home with “a mess”. Sounds like trouble, right? Well, things only got worse from there.

Later, Aubrey said Pauly D makes her feel “the least loved” than she ever had in any other relationship. She then added that she often feels “tortured” when with Pauly D. When he asked her to define “torture”, she said, “Have you ever seen me on the ground crying and begging you to let me  back in the home? To love me? No one has ever tortured me like my mom did except for you.”

“Well if you feel that I torture you, then you should have left me a long time ago because I don’t torture. That’s insane,” Pauly D said.

Despite her claim, Aubrey insisted that she loves Pauly D. She just wants him to change. Will he? Well, this season was filmed before the Jersey Shore star and the singer’s split in July 2017. So they’re no longer together. However, the pair dated for two years before calling it quits. They started dating after meeting on Famously Single.

Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars season 11 airs Fridays at 9 p.m. on WE tv.

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