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‘AYTO’ Star Cheyenne Floyd Joins ‘Teen Mom OG’: Cory Wharton Relationship Questions ‘Will Get Answered’

Cheyenne Floyd will use her new screen time on 'Teen Mom OG' to give the full tell-all on her pregnancy and baby daddy Cory Wharton, she revealed in a Sept. 6 interview.

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Well, this is a first! Are You The One? Season 3 alum’ Cheyenne Floyd, 25, will be joining the cast of Teen Mom OG…even though she gave birth to her daughter Ryder at age 24! Instead of her age, it was her pregnancy’s circumstances that shocked reality television fans. That’s because her The Challenge: Rivals III cast-mate Cory Wharton, 27, seemingly out of nowhere announced on Dec. 16, 2017 that he had a child — who was already nine months old at the time — with Cheyenne, unbeknownst to fans! The shocking pregnancy left us on a cliffhanger, and now, Cheyenne’s ready to end the mystery on Teen Mom OG. “I think that there was a lot of questions regarding my pregnancy from the beginning when I got pregnant,” Cheyenne told Us Weekly in an interview published on Sept. 6. “It will be interesting to now tell people what actually happened. Everybody knows that Cory didn’t find out about Ryder until she was six months and now everyone’s questions will get answered as to what actually happened.”

You read that right. Not even Cory knew he had a daughter until after she was born! But we won’t be left scratching our heads for long. “We’re not hiding anything. We’re being completely honest and open with our situation,” Cheyenne shared with the outlet. “We’re finally going to be able to tell our story and how Ryder got here.” But right now, there’s nothing romantic between Cheyenne and Cory, because Cheyenne has a boyfriend, the outlet reported. “Cory and I get along very well. We put Ryder first and we’ve worked out a beautiful co-parenting relationship,” Cheyenne explained. “Of course every relationship has its ups and downs but we’ve worked out our kinks and we’re learning how to do it day by day, how to get along. We’re trying to figure it out.”

Their (platonic) relationship is so strong, they’ve even founded a non-profit together in honor of their daughter’s VCLAD condition. VCLAD defiency is “a condition in which the body is unable to properly breakdown certain fats (called very long-chain fatty acids) into energy, particularly during periods without food (fasting),” according to the National Institute of Health’s Genetic and Rare Diseases Information Center. “We’re starting a non-profit. It’s really rare and I knew nothing about it up until I had her,” Cheyenne revealed to Us Weekly. “It’s a huge part of our lives and we’re opening that up to the viewers as well.” We think that’s an amazing endeavor on behalf of the parents. It’s inspiring that Cheyenne’s using her platform for an honorable cause! Teen Mom OG is definitely going through major changes for Season 8. Cheyenne is the second person to be added to this season’s cast, with Bristol Palin — Farrah Abraham’s replacement — being the first.