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Winona Ryder & Keanu Reeves Flirt In Bed In Sexy First Look Of New Movie ‘Destination Wedding’

If you weren’t shipping Keanu Reeves and Winona Ryder before, you will after seeing the first clip from their new movie, as this possibly married couple is the cutest in ‘Destination Wedding.’

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“Seriously? Chocolate?” Keanu Reeves, 53, says to Winona Ryder, 46, in the first clip from Destination Wedding, per Vulture. “We’re not going to drink without eating. Alcoholics do that,” Winona’s Lindsay says to Frank (Keanu). “But chocolate is the most expensive thing in the minibar,” Frank says, “besides the –” Cue the popping of a cork. Lindsay comes over to the bed to hand Frank some wine, and from there, the two engage in some cutest flirting ever.

Destination Wedding sees Frank and Lindsay, “two misanthropic wedding guests traveling solo” to the same – you guessed it – destination wedding. Being that it’s a late-summer rom-com, the plot pretty much writes itself: they end up being paired together, a romance, a mountain lion gets involved, everyone falls in love. Or not. Even if it is a “paint by the numbers” rom-com, the pure chemistry between Winona and Keanu make the movie a must-watch.

Pam Dixon, our wonderful casting director, suggested Winona,” director Victor Levin told Metro. “Winona felt as though the material was very well suited to her, we met and she agreed to do it. Winona had the idea for Keanu. She said, ‘He’s really brilliant and very verbal and has an encyclopedic mind and I think he would really enjoy playing something like this.’ I then met Keanu and he agreed. At that point we were on our way. There are only two speakers in the film, the two of them.”

This is the fourth movie that Keanu and Winona have worked on together, previously starring in 2009’s The Private Lives of Pippa Lee, A Scanner Darkly in 2006 and, most famously, Bran Stoker’ Dracula in 1992. Speaking of Dracula, Keanu and Winona may have been hitched for the last 25+ years. We actually got married in Dracula,” she told Entertainment Weekly. “No, I swear to god I think we’re married in real life. In that scene, Francis [Ford Coppola] used a real Romanian priest,” she added. “We shot the master and he did the whole thing. So I think we’re married.” “Oh my gosh,” Keanu said, “We’re married.” So…congratulations?

Destination Wedding hits theaters on August 31, 2018.