Adam DeVine: Bumper & Fat Amy Fans Will Get ‘Last Installment Of Our Love Fest’ In ‘Isn’t It Romantic’

Bumper and Fat Amy fans, get ready for your heart to melt. HollywoodLife spoke EXCLUSIVELY with Adam DeVine about his all-new movie with Rebel Wilson, his thoughts on a standalone movie, and more!

Adam Devine
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Hey there, Pitches, if you totally missed Bumper in Pitch Perfect 3, we have a treat for you. Adam DeVine, 34, will be starring alongside his Pitch Perfect co-star Rebel Wilson, 38, in the new comedy Isn’t It Romantic, and it’s basically going to be the Bumper and Fat Amy reunion of our dreams. HollywoodLife talked EXCLUSIVELY with Adam about the movie. “I think Bumper and Fat Amy fans are finally going to get the last installment of our love fest in what they wanted in Pitch Perfect 3, but in a completely different movie, with completely different characters [laughs]!” he told HollywoodLife while discussing his new role as Captain Morgan’s Chief Party Officer. “I feel like I am cuter in this movie then what I have played before. Usually I am a maniac and have tried to get my cuteness on — just for this one!”

Adam and Rebel’s characters in the Pitch Perfect movies were such a delight and always made us laugh out loud. The actor revealed that he’s totally down for a Bumper and Fat Amy standalone movie! “I would love that! Me and Rebel love working with each other, and we have a great time on set,” Adam told HollywoodLife. “We have known each other for so long, and it is kind of crazy that we have done so many projects together, and I think the stars are aligned for us to get to continue to make movies together.” Yes, please!

Adam DeVine

The actor partnered with Captain Morgan for National Rum Day, which was Aug. 16. “I was excited when I got the call that the Captain wanted to me to set sail with him because I feel like I have been living like a Captain for many, many years now, so my life as a Captain has been finally acknowledged by the Captain himself,” Adam told HollywoodLife about his partnership. Adam is always having fun and makes everyone around him have fun, too. “I feel like in society there are a lot of reasons to be sad, but if you realize that we are all alive on this giant spinning rock we might as well make the most of it while we are here. So let’s have fun! Let’s make it an adventure.” You got it, Adam!

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