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Bernice Burgos ‘Shocked & Envious’ T.I. & Tiny Back Together: She Knows She Blew Her Chance

Bernice Burgos is still carrying a torch for T.I., although he's back with Tiny! She's  disappointed that she couldn't land Tip, and it definitely 'stung' seeing him rekindle his romance with Tiny!

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Bernice Burgos, 38, is all in her feelings after Tameka “Tiny” Harris, 43, and T.I., 37, seem to have rekindled their tumultuous romance! “Bernice is aware that T.I. and Tiny are good again, and she’s shocked that they seem so happy,” a friend of Burgos’ tells EXCLUSIVELY! “When Bernice saw online that he was dancing and kissing all over Tiny this past weekend, it really stung.” Bernice had “high hopes” that she could have landed Tip, the insider admits, noting that “Bernice is still into T.I.”

Tip and Bernice reportedly met some time in 2016, through work. While Bernice has been adamant that she’s only had a professional relationship with T.I., reports have said otherwise. His tie to Bernice is what reportedly led Tiny to filing for divorce back in December 2016. As you may recall, Tiny never went through with the divorce. Ever since then, rumors have swirled that Tip and Bernice were seeing one another in secret, and the source says she’s still hung up on Tip. “But, now that things seem to be in a happy, healthy place for T.I. and Tiny, Bernice is sad that she wasn’t able to lock him down,” the insider reveals. “She feels like she had her chance with T.I. and blew it. Bernice is disappointed about the whole thing.”

Bernice has been linked to a slew of rappers including Drake, 31, and most recently, Migos rapper, Quavo, 26. She was spotted cozying up to Quavo while out in early January 2018. However, a romantic relationship was never confirmed.

Tiny and T.I., who’ve been on and off since late 2016, recently got back together after a fallout around Father’s Day. Why? — As we previously reported, Tip was caught on video cozying up to a mystery woman, believed to be Asia’h Epperson, 29, while backstage at his Indiana show on June 16. Since the video went viral, Tip and Tiny were on the rocks. Just a few days after the video surfaced, Tip revealed that he did not spend Father’s Day with Tiny and their kids because they weren’t “rockin’” with him following the release of the video. However, that’s certainly not the case these days!

Tip and Tiny have been inseparable since her 43rd birthday on July 14, which they celebrated together. Tip even gifted his lady love with a pricey sports car!