Hope Hicks & Alleged Wife Abuser Rob Parker Still Dating After White House Scandal — See Pics

You can run, but you can't hide! Hope and Rob didn't want to be seen together this weekend, but these two weren't fooling anybody. Get all the details on their not-so-slick rendezvous here!

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And there ya have it! Five months after President Donald Trump‘s senior aide Rob Parker dropped off the face of the earth when multiple domestic abuse accusations surfaced against him, he’s back and it’s official. He and Hope Hicks, former White House comms director, are still very much a thing — but they don’t want anyone to know. The couple made that VERY clear when they spent the weekend in Manhattan and tried their best not to be seen. But their best wasn’t good enough because Daily Mail got multiple photos of their not-so-sneaky rendezvous.

It started with a Central Park ‘date,’ which was actually just the two of them plotting to run into each other while Hope went for a jog in a baseball cap pulled low and Rob took a walk. Hope ran up behind him at one point and they walked side by side for a few seconds before she kept on. She also stopped to stretch, and Rob stopped walking slightly ahead of her. They were both on their phones and clearly scheming every second they could cross paths. So bizarre, right?

But wait, there’s more! Rob and Hope were also seen separately entering Hope’s Manhattan apartment building, holding everything from snacks to wine to flowers — clearly enjoying a romantic weekend in! Maybe all of their Central Park shenanigans had become too exhausting.

Whatever the case, it’s no secret why these two would be trying so hard to keep their relationship on the DL. After Rob’s ex-wives Colbie Holderness and Jennifer Willoughby accused him of abuse, it’s not like anyone was desperate to see him dating again. “I’ll be frank with you, if he hasn’t already been abusive to Hope, he will,” said Jennifer in a February interview with Anderson Cooper, back when Hope was first spotted out with Rob.

How chilling is that? That statement really puts all of the sneaking around they’ve been doing into a new light. If Rob and Hope feel the need to go to such great lengths not to be seen, maybe that says a little something about their relationship…