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Tekashi69 Left Hospitalized After Getting Pistol Whipped, Kidnapped & Robbed

So scary. Tekashi69 just finished working on a music video in Brooklyn when he was shockingly robbed and held hostage by 3 hooded gunmen before ending up in the hospital in the early morning hours of July 22.

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Image Credit: Courtesy of TMZ

Rapper Tekashi69, 22, just finished filming a music video in Brooklyn, NY around 4 AM on July 22 before he then drove home and was kidnapped, pistol whipped and robbed in his driveway. Tekashi was blocked in by another car when he pulled up to his driveway and that’s when 3 hooded gunmen suddenly got out of the vehicle, grabbed him and then knocked him unconscious after hitting him with a pistol, according to TMZ. When Tekashi came to he was in the back seat of their car as they were driving around and they told him if they didn’t get jewelry and money, they’d kill him. A bit later, the gunmen once again pulled up to Tekashi’s home and two of them went inside as the other one stayed in the vehicle to guard the rapper.

After they found their way inside, the gunmen took around $750k worth of jewelry and around $20k in cash, the outlet reported. As if that wasn’t chaotic enough, Tekashi’s baby mama and baby were inside the house at the time of the robbery but luckily they were not harmed. It didn’t end there, though. After they left the house, the gunmen preceded to drive away with Tekashi still in the back seat. During the drive, Tekashi decided to bravely open the door and jump out the car and one of the gunmen started to chase him but got scared he’d be seen so stopped. A source told the outlet that Tekashi then jumped into the back seat of a stranger’s vehicle and asked for help. The stranger called 911 but asked him to get out of their vehicle at an intersection.

It wasn’t long after Tekashi got out of the car that an ambulance came and took him to the hospital where they performed various tests, including a CT scan. A pic of Tekashi looking like he was sleeping in a hospital bed quickly emerged after the incident. Our thoughts are with the rapper during this scary time. We’re so glad he made it out of the situation and hope he recovers well.

We’ll definitely be updating on Tekashi’s unfortunate situation. He hasn’t spoken out about anything publicly yet but he may in the future.