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‘Teen Mom 2’ Recap: Javi Ambushes Briana In Miami Before Her Plastic Surgery

Briana asked an ex to take care of her after her plastic surgery, but Javi wasn't happy about it. So he ambushed her in Miami just before her operation, during the July 9 episode of 'Teen Mom 2'.

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Javi Marroquin And Briana DeJesus
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Javi may had dumped Briana, but as soon as he found out that her ex, Dre, was now going to be taking care of her post-plastic surgery, he freaked out and chased her down in Miami during the July 9 episode of Teen Mom 2. Apparently, he became jealous upon hearing that her ex was going to take his place in her recovery. He also then became suspicious and sort of accused Briana of possibly cheating on him with Dre while they were together. Briana, however, didn’t understand why Javi was so upset, considering he was the one who broke up with her. Even though they split, he still wanted to “take care” of her after her procedures, but because he openly talked about their breakup on Kailyn‘s podcast, Briana didn’t want him anywhere near her. But Javi doesn’t seem to take orders from Briana — despite her wishes, Javi traveled down to Miami and ambushed Briana at the surgeon’s office. He asked her for a hug, but she refused and told him she was really pissed off at him. Then, the episode ended.

But that’s not all that happened this week. In other news, Leah and Kailyn met up for the latter’s podcast after Leah threw a joint birthday party with Jeremy, for their daughter, Addie. Kailyn wanted to know all about whether or not Leah and Jeremy will ever get back together again. Leah admitted to the fact that they had hooked up recently, but she said she has no desire to reunite with her ex. Kailyn understood, but guessed that Jeremy probably felt differently. So during Leah’s podcast appearance, Kailyn called Jeremy and asked him if he’s still in love with Leah. He sort of dodged the question and instead just said that he loves co-parenting with her. Kailyn seemed to become frustrated with the lack of substance they were giving her, so she ended the phone call.

Later, Jenelle spent one-on-one time with Jace at therapy and then they went out to dinner together. It was a sweet moment, but we still can’t forget how Jace called Jenelle a “piece of s***” last week. Eek.

Finally, Aubree and Cole went to another father/daughter dance. And as far as Adam is concerned, Chelsea told her friend that when Aubree was asked whether or not she’s upset about Adam never taking her, she said, “I don’t even think about it.” Good for her! It still breaks our hearts that Adam is such a bad father, but at least Aubree has Cole. He’s such a good guy!

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