How Debra Messing Learned To Love Her Curls: ‘I Hated My Hair When I Was Young’

Everyone seems to have a love-hate relationship with their hair -- even famous celebs! Debra spoke to us EXCLUSIVELY on finding her confidence and finally falling in love with her hair!

debra messing curly hair
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I’ve always love Debra Messing’s gorgeous, red curly hair. As a person with stick straight strands, you always want what you can’t have. I sat down with Debra on June 19 and when I asked her about her hair, she basically stopped me mid-sentence — “I just have to say I hated it when I was young,” she told EXCLUSIVELY. “It really made me stand out and as a teenager, that’s the last thing you want — to stand out. So, it’s been a journey for me to now be in a place where I absolutely love my hair. It gets worked on a lot with irons and heat, so when I’m not working, I generally let it air dry and I just put it in a bun on the top of my head with an elastic band. And then, when it dries, I take it down and I get sort of cool waves.”

“Other times, if I’m going out, I can straighten my hair. I can do it myself, but I don’t do it too often,” Debra said. “I’m vigilant about keeping it in good health, so I use an ampoule every time I wash my hair. I use an ampoule that is a deep, deep, deep conditioner. And then, I use another leave-in conditioner, and then I use another spray leave-in conditioner. So, I’m constantly feeding it because it gets eaten up so much.”

Debra is working with T.J.Maxx and The Maxx You Project, which is helping women embrace their unique personalities. “It is an initiative to support and celebrate and uplift women, to get women to embrace what makes them unique. When I read the statistics that were done at UC Berkeley, that 51% of women filter themselves in order to navigate society, that really was sobering to me. I know I’ve experienced it. There are expectations placed on us — how to look, how to speak. It’s a powerful force. But then also, the statistics show that three out of four women, if they see another woman sort of owning who she is, they get inspired, and so, in a way, it’s contagious.”

She continued, “T.J.Maxx created this platform on Facebook where women can come together and they can network, and they can co-create strategies, and they can lift each other up and cheer each other on. But also, there are all-day, live workshops across the country where there are life coaches, and women will be given real, tangible strategies for moving a step forward towards what they’re hoping to accomplish.” Go to for more info!

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