Chelsea Handler Goes Topless & Wears A Diaper To ‘Cheer Everyone Up’ On Instasgram

When times are tough, Chelsea Handler comes to the rescue with topless pics to cheer the world up! The comedienne is at it again, this time wearing just a diaper in a wild new photo.

Chelsea Handler
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One look at Chelsea Handler‘s Twitter account and you know she’s been down in the dumps lately about Donald Trump‘s latest antics, the prospect of a new Supreme Court justice stripping away women’s rights, children being ripped from the immigrant mothers at the border…the list goes on. She knows there are plenty of other people out there — especially women — who are really troubled by the times we’re living in. So Chelsea is doing what she does best to lift everyone’s spirits by simply making us laugh. The 43-year-old went topless and wore a makeshift diaper to pose alongside a baby in a wild Instagram pic.

“Just something to cheer everyone up on a cloudy day. Girls need to stick together, no matter what generation,” Chelsea captioned the IG pic on June 28. To make sure she didn’t violate the site’s no nudity policy, she used baby bottle emojis to cover up her nipples. Her diaper is actually a towel wrapped in a certain way to mimic the one the infant girl is wearing next to her while they lay on a white bed. Both the baby and Chelsea are making the exact same expression, even with fingers held to their mouths.

While there were some haters in the comments — mainly conservatives who troll Chelsea over her progressive values — many fans were proud of the former Netflix host for triggering their ire. “All these negative comments towards you are giving me joy because they’re so bothered and I know you don’t have a single f**k to give,” one user wrote. “People are too uptight. I think it’s pretty funny,” another person added. “You are the best. And this also made me laugh/spit my coffee out. Made my day. Love ya,” one fan wrote with praise.

A new mom had her day brightened by Chelsea’s fun pic, adding “Thank you so much for such a good laugh… I needed this today. I’ve spent the day in the ER with my baby and it’s been nothing but tears… Until this lol now I can laugh.” Mission accomplished Chelsea! You made your fans smile.

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