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Tiny Leaning On Tamar Braxton Amid Feud With T.I. — Is She Urging Her To Divorce?

Tameka 'Tiny' Harris still isn't 'rockin' with T.I. and it's not looking good for the pair! She's leaning on her friend, Tamar Braxton, who's recently gone through a split of her own. So what's Tiny going to do? — Here's what Tamar thinks!

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Tiny Harris & T.I.
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Tameka “Tiny” Harris, 42, has sought out the help of her good friend, Tamar Braxton, 41, amidst her relationship troubles with T.I., 37. Since Tamar’s split with her now ex husband, Vincent Herbert, 44, was aired out in the public, she’s the best form of therapy for Tiny at the moment. “Tamar has been through so many ups and downs with Vince, she gets it. She’s in the process of divorcing Vince, so you’d think she’d be telling Tiny to do the same with Tip, but that is not the case,” a source close to Tamar tells HollywoodLife.com EXCLUSIVELY.

After Tip was videotaped getting cozy with another woman (believed to be Asia’h Epperson), why isn’t the singer telling Tiny to kick him to the curb? — The insider says Tamar is a “big believer” in working things out if it’s possible. “Tamar has made it very clear to Tiny that she has to make up her mind about T.I. without anyone’s opinion interfering; only she can know what is right for her,” the source reveals. “Tamar hated having people constantly pushing her to divorce Vince, so she’s making a huge point not to do that to Tiny. She’s just trying to be there for her and lift her up.”

While T.I. and Tiny’s relationship status is ever changing, we recently learned that a divorce isn’t off the table. If he doesn’t change his ways, a second source told us that Tiny isn’t afraid anymore to propose divorce papers, just like she once did back in 2016. Tip recently addressed their rocky relationship ahead of Father’s Day, where he told fans that Tiny and his kids aren’t “rockin’ with me right now.”

Tiny and Tamar — who recently toured together, with Tamar opening for Xscape — have been friends for years, and nothing has changed between them. “Tiny has been getting tons of love and support from Tamar,” the insider says, adding that Tiny is really leaning on her right now. It’s good to see Tamar stepping in to be there for Tiny during this tumultuous time. If you forgot, Tiny explained to us how she was there for Tamar amidst her split with Vince back in October 2017.