Tommy Lee Blames Ex Pam Anderson For His Issues With Brandon: She’s ‘Poisoned’ His Sons

Tommy Lee has sadly not been getting along with his son Brandon Lee and didn't even see him or his other son Dylan Lee on Father's Day. Find out why he feels Pamela Anderson is the reason for the unfortunate falling out.

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Tommy Lee, 55, and his son Brandon Lee, 22, made headlines when they had a rough social media exchange on social media on June 17, and it turns out he blames it all on his ex-wife and Brandon’s mother, Pamela Anderson, 50. “Tommy didn’t see Brandon, or Dylan [Lee], on Father’s Day, and he probably wouldn’t have heard a thing from them if he hadn’t written the post on Instagram that set Brandon off,” a source close to Tommy EXCLUSIVELY told HollywoodLife. “Tommy is at the end of his rope, he feels as if his own sons are strangers to him pretty much, and that no matter what he does or says he’s always in the wrong. In typical Tommy fashion, he lays all the blame on Pam–he claims she’s been poisoning the boys against him pretty much their entire lives, so it’s no surprise they’re at the stage they are now.”

Despite Tommy feeling Pam is the culprit for the animosity between him and his sons, he also may have strained the relationship from not being around much. “Tommy needs to take some responsibility, he wasn’t involved in the boys’ lives anywhere near as much as he should have been while they were growing up, so it’s no surprise they resent him suddenly trying to play the devoted dad card now,” the source continued. “Sure, Pam wanted the boys to be with her all the time when they were little, and she wasn’t happy about Tommy taking them, but he could have fought against that, and made more of an effort to be a permanent fixture—but instead, he let it slide, and now he’s paying the price for that.”

The unfortunate situation between Tommy and his sons, especially Brandon, seems to have a lot of sides to it and with different perspectives and beliefs, it may take some serious work to get to a point where they can reconcile. After their initial Father’s Day messages, Brandon shockingly took it one step further when he posted a video of Tommy passed out on the floor. He later deleted it but we think it’s safe to say that we don’t know when the drama will end. We hope Tommy and Brandon can patch things up soon!

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