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Gigi Hadid Fears Kendall Jenner Will Break Brother Anwar’s Heart: The Warning She Gave Him

Gigi Hadid loves Kendall Jenner, but she's not sure she'd be the best GF for her brother! We have the exclusive details on why she's not down for her BFF and bro making out!

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Look, Gigi Hadid is ride or die for Kendall Jenner, but she doesn’t support everything she does. Gigi found out with the rest of us that Kendall made out with her 19-year-old Anwar Hadid, and she’s worried, according to a source close to the Hadid family! It’s not anything against Kendall — she just knows that relationships aren’t exactly her main priority in life. It’s all about modeling, baby.
“Gigi is giving her little brother a warning,” the source told HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY. She told him that Kendall is a heartbreaker, and not to fall in love with her. Gigi knows that Kendall puts work and her career first with little time for a serious boyfriend or a long term relationship. So Gigi has made it clear to Anwar that while Kendall is a beautiful, sweet, smart, sexy, and a trusted friend, she is not to be messed with.”
Gigi understandably just wants to protect her little brother’s heart. Especially because Anwar “has had a crush on Kendall for years. Gigi fears her younger brother will fall in love with Kendall after one kiss so she told him to slow down.” That’s so sweet! Gigi knows that Kendall and Anwar have a connection, since the Hadids and Jenners have been friends for years. She just doesn’t want Anwar to get his hopes up.
And she may have a point. Kendall was caught locking lips with and straddling Anwar at a CFDA Awards after party in NYC on June 4 — just days after she was seen getting cozy on multiple dates with NBA star Ben Simmons. Kendall’s playing the field!