Kendall Jenner Photoshop Fail: Fans Accuse Her Of Making Stomach Flatter In New Topless Pic

Uh oh! Kendall Jenner was caught by fans for photoshopping her latest sexy Instagram pic! Oops.

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Image Credit: Courtesy of Instagram

This photoshop job was not so subtle. Kendall Jenner‘s fans are blasting her for possibly using photoshop on her latest topless Insta pic to make her stomach appear flatter! In the sultry pic, fans spotted the slight wave of the door in the background, which typically indicates there was photoshop involved. “photoshop belly failed,” one commenter wrote. “Love the photo but I feel like you have a little photoshop fail right here,” another said. The fans pointed out that the bathroom wall slightly waves in, which would mean Kendall used a photo editing app to flatten out her already-toned tummy.

The photo, taken by Hailey Baldwin, shows Kendall sipping on wine with her hair wrapped in a towel. The hand holding the wine glass also covers up Kendall’s bare chest, and the only clothing she has on are her Calvin undies. This isn’t the first time the leggy Jenner has been accused of photoshopping her Instagram photos! In October, Kendall snapped a pic of her booty in a high-rise red bathing suit, and fans were quick to point out that the walls in the background were on different levels and obviously wavy. Even more recently, Kendall’s sister Kim Kardashian has been accused of photoshopping a photo — except she actually didn’t!

Kim posted a photo of herself heading to the March For Our Lives event in Washington, DC, rocking a pair of spandex shorts and a pink sweatshirt. Fans blasted her for lines looking curved in the background of her photo, causing KKW to turn off the comments on the post. Kim took to her app to respond to the criticism, denying she edited the pic at all. “I’m seeing online and on news media outlets that I suffered a ‘Photoshop fail,'” she wrote on her site. “So ridiculous! I reposted a picture on Instagram that a fan had already posted — I only added a filter to it… It looks like the fan mirrored the photo, which is the reason the car looks like that.” She added, “Who would even Photoshop a car to look like that?! LOL.” Honestly, we all are guilty of editing our pics at one point or another!