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‘L&HH’ Star Teairra Mari’s Ex Akbar Abdul-Ahad Claims He Didn’t Leak Their Sex Tape — Interview

Somebody leaked Teairra Mari's sex tape, but her ex Akbar Abdul-Ahad swears it wasn't him. We've got an EXCLUSIVE interview where he says he's lawyered up and plans to countersue her.

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Teirra Mari And Akbar Abdul-Ahad
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Love & Hip Hop star Teairra Mari is so sure that ex boyfriend Akbar Abdul-Ahad is the one who leaked their sex tape that she announced in a May 17 news conference that she’s suing him and pal 50 Cent over the revenge porn. In an EXCLUSIVE interview with HollywoodLife.com, Ahad tells us he had nothing to do with it and will see her in court! “I deny all of these allegations, I had nothing to do with leaking this tape and I am now in the process of filing a counter lawsuit against her (Teairra) for defamation of character because she knows that I didn’t do this. I’m working with my own lawyers to clear my name. I don’t know how 50 plans to handle this but I’ll do whatever I need to clear him too because he had nothing to do with this.” Ahad tells us that he and Teairra were still together at the time the pic was posted to her IG page and that someone must have hacked their texts. At her news conference Teairra acknowledged that Ajax has been denying leaking the tape, but said “I know in my heart he did it.”

The 30-year-old reality star claimed that she broke up with him earlier this month when she found out he was cheating on her and that he later claimed his phone was stolen. She says she knew as soon as he told her that he planned to leak something illicit. Teairra claims he knew her Instagram password and was the one who posted the explicit pics of her to her page. While she took it down and changed her password, she claims Ahad’s pal 50 Cent, 42, re-posted the obscene pic to his IG page to share with his 18 million followers. She’s also included Fiddy in her lawsuit.

When we asked Ahad if he thought Teairra leaked the video herself, he candidly told us “My opinion is she had nothing going on, she hasn’t put a record since 2003 and I think it had something to do with her storyline. And once they tied me and 50 Cent together that’s when (attorney) Lisa Bloom stepped in, she saw the opportunity for publicity and the money. Whatever you earn, she wants to take it.” Brutal!

Ahad even says that Fiddy just thought it was something buzzy that other sites were also posting. “Yes we spoke about it and he is just as confused as I am about all this. He reposted it from her page and he had no idea she was even my girl. It came from a news feed, it was a buzz going around. The Shade Room posted it and other sites posted it, but she’s not suing them. Only 50 Cent,” he tells us. Fiddy has been openly taunting Teairra’s lawsuit, posting an IG pic of him sitting next to Lisa Bloom’s powerhouse attorney mom Gloria Allred and telling her “Oh Lisa stop. Don’t make me tell your mom. LOL,” in the caption.