‘Deception’ Star Breaks Down Mystery Woman’s ‘Misguided’ Ways: Plus, Will We Learn Her Name?

What is the Mystery Woman's real name?! That is the question. HollywoodLife talked to 'Deception' star Stephanie Corneliussen about just that, MW's next move, and the upcoming finale!

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Stephanie Corneliussen
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Deception’s Mystery Woman is the show’s biggest, well, mystery. The show, which airs Sundays at 10 p.m. on ABC, is nearing the end of its first season, and the villain remains an enigma. One of the biggest questions have is is: what is her real name? Deception is peeling back the Mystery Woman’s layers slowly but surely.

HollywoodLife talked EXCLUSIVELY with Stephanie Corneliussen about exploring the Mystery Woman’s backstory. We’re going to see more flashbacks, as well as a “different side” to the Mystery Woman. Plus, she teased that there’s something coming up that’s going to “drive everyone crazy.” While the show did not get renewed for a second season, these last few episodes are going to be one wild ride. Check out our Q&A with Stephanie below!

Are we going to learn more of the Mystery Woman’s backstory in the episodes to come?
Stephanie Corneliussen: Yes, we’re going to learn so much more towards the end of the season and I think the way Chris Fedak [the show’s creator] chose to use and also developed the Mystery Woman has been such a sentiment towards the her. People really like her. They find her funny, fun, and she has good chemistry with the brothers. You’ll see much more of that. It’s very interesting.

A villain is never a villain in his/her eyes. Do you think the Mystery Woman’s really a villain?
Stephanie Corneliussen: Her motivation is there, and it’s a real thing to her. I think a lot of it is very misguided, but in the sense of her own subjectivity, there’s a point and purpose to what she’s doing. She also wants to prove herself and set a mark as someone who is completely in control and independent. But she longs for a connection to someone or something.

How far is she willing to go to get what she wants?
Stephanie Corneliussen: She’s very willing and capable to get what she wants. The thing is, I’m even unclear on whether or not she needs the Black brothers to do this or she just really wants to be a part of something that involves them. She also, in her own way, craves validation from them, which is odd, because she doesn’t need that from anyone else. But that’s also part of the bigger plot that’ll come later. It’s really good, and you’ll see more of her past as well. You’ll see more of young Mystery Woman. You’re also going to see a different side of the Mystery Woman later on. You’ll see new aspects or facets that I think will benefit her as a real person as well.

Are we ever going to learn her real name?
Stephanie Corneliussen: I f**king hope so. I don’t even know her name yet!

I hope we learn it soon! When you don’t know something, it only makes you want to know it more.
Stephanie Corneliussen: Listen, without revealing anything, there is something coming up that’s going to drive everyone crazy. I, for sure, thought when I saw episode 7 that her name was Addison Blake, but it was just one of her many characters.

The finale is only a few episodes away. What can you tease?
Stephanie Corneliussen: There’s a huge twist coming up. I read a lot of the fan fiction and nobody has, as far as I can tell, has thought of it. All of a sudden, we’re going to start questioning the motives of a couple of the other characters. There’s a very — from the Mystery Woman’s point of view — a very earnest connection to someone on the show that we’ll see more of. Every conversation between them you can be 100% sure that she is actually telling the truth maybe for the first time in her life.

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