‘Chicago P.D.’ Finale Recap: Did Olinsky Survive?

The 'Chicago P.D.' season 5 finale will go down in the books as one of the most emotional finales ever. Olinsky's fate was revealed in the early moments of the episode. Did he make it?

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Voight is ready to admit to Woods that he killed Kevin Bingham, the man who murdered his son. He wants to know if his confession will be enough to drop all the charges against Olinsky and get him out of jail. Meanwhile, Olinsky is fighting for his life after being stabbed in prison. When Hank is just about to sign on the dotted line, he gets a call. He doesn’t answer the first time, but he does when his phone rings again. Fate is on his side. Olinsky saves Voight in his own way.

Voight rushes to the hospital after hearing what happened to Olinsky. He’s by Olinsky side and begs him to pull through. “They’re going to fix you up,” Voight says. “You’re going to be OK.” Voight waits anxiously while Olinsky is in surgery. Unfortunately, Olinsky dies in surgery. Voight walks out to the waiting room shell-shocked. He tells the rest of the team, and they are devastated. Ruzek comforts Burgess, while Halstead walks out.

Voight is determined to find out who killed Olinsky. Once they find they guy, then they’ll be able to mourn. The team soon learns that a police officer was paid $5,000 to look the other way while Olinsky was fatally wounded. The officer was paid off by an inmate. Voight takes him to a storage room to interrogate him, but ends up just beating the guy to a bloody pulp.

The team’s investigation leads them to a man named Carlos, who launders money for the cartel. He’s the one who ordered the hit on Olinsky. Turns out, Carlos and Olinsky are connected from Olinsky’s days at the DEA. Olinsky wanted Carlos’s brother to turn on him, but the brother ended up getting killed in jail. Carlos had Olinsky killed to get revenge.

Voight, Burgess, and Upton go after Carlos. Hank comes face-to-face with the man who killed his best friend. Hank ends up shooting Carlos dead. Unfortunately, there are witnesses who know that Hank killed Carlos in cold blood. But Carlos and Antonio, who was there right after it happened, stick to their story and it blows over.

Meanwhile, Woods comes across a witness to Kevin Bingham’s murder. The witness wants $20,000 for her story. Woods just can’t resist taking down Voight, so he takes the bait. Woods offers Voight a deal. If he pleads guilty, he’ll take the charge down to manslaughter. But here’s the thing, Voight knows who the witness is, and he knows about the money. Woods fell for Voight’s plan. Now Woods is going down for bribing a witness.

When the dust has settled, Voight finally breaks down and grieves Olinsky. Will Voight ever be the same?

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