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Tristan Thompson’s 1st Baby Mama Jordan Craig Feels Neglected & Ignored After True’s Birth

Tristan Thompson has been so preoccupied with his cheating scandal, his new baby, and the playoffs that he hasn't been there for his son. We've got EXCLUSIVE details on why his ex Jordan Craig is feeling neglected.

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Tristan Thompson has A LOT going on. The past few weeks have been nothing short of a nightmare, and we’re not sure how he’s holding it all together! If you’ve been keeping up, you know Tristan has been in the doghouse for allegedly cheating on Khloe Kardashian while she was pregnant with their daughter True Thompson, and has reportedly been benched and is not playing with his team the Cleveland Cavaliers during the NBA playoffs. And just when you thought his situation couldn’t get any worse, we’ve just learned he’s been slacking when it comes to taking care of his son Prince Oliver with his ex-girlfriend Jordan Craig. “Jordan feels totally neglected by Tristan ever since Khloe had her baby. With the NBA playoffs happening and Tristan being a new father again he has had zero time for their toddler, Prince Oliver,” a source close to Jordan tells HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY.

“Jordan feels sad that Tristan would ignore and disregard his first baby. She gets how busy Tristan is right now, but she still wishes he made time not for her, but for the child they share. Jordan feels like if the rumors are true about Tristan spending a lot of time with several other women, then he should make time for his first child too,” our source continued. Jordan certainly has a point, and we certainly hope Tristan steps up to the plate.

For those of you who don’t know, Jordan and Tristan dated for quite some time before he became romantically involved with Khloe in 2016. While it’s unclear if he left Jordan for Khloe, we do know their relationship began while Jordan was still pregnant. So, we can understand her frustration. However, she’s remained pretty tight lipped about their situation, but did comment on Tristan’s cheating after the news broke that he stepped out on Koko with multiple women. “If you respect yourself and you respect other, you would never make light of the misfortune of anyone, nor would you feel indemnified when it comes at the expense of others. Wishing peace for everyone,” she said on Instagram.