Iggy Azalea Calls Out Exes Who Ate Her ‘P***y Like A Cup-O-Noodles’ In Raunchy Tweet: WTF?

Should Iggy Azalea’s exes be worried? The rapper got candid on Twitter about oral sex -- and it’s pretty damn raunchy.

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Iggy Azalea, 27, got very explicit about oral sex on April 26. She was on Twitter and it was midnight so, according to her, those were two very good reasons to tweet something dirty. It seems like future and ex-lovers of the rapper should take note — when it comes to oral sex, the Aussie is very clear about what she does and doesn’t like! In a hilarious tweet that puzzled fans, she wrote, “I have so many introspective things I’d like to lament on when it comes to men… But since this is Twitter & it’s midnight I’ll just say this: I swear on everything I love if you never ate my p***y like it was a cup-o-noodles; I never really loved you.”

And to get her point across, she shared a GIF of an animated character slurping on a cup of noodles. Of course, her fans began responding on Twitter in full force. You know that GIF of her ex Nick Young with the WTF face? At least one fan found that extremely relevant and tweeted it as a response. Another person tweeted, “What u smoking Iggy?” But the “Fancy” singer wasn’t done. Minutes later she explained her earlier tweet, by writing, “I dunno. I think I’m saying this because I was just on Instagram and it just feels so centered around what men want from women. What about what women want. Well. I’m waiting.”

Just a timely reminder, Iggy has recently been linked to fellow rapper – and Kylie Jenner ex – Tyga. The two sparked dating rumors after they were spotted hanging out at Coachella on April 14.


Whether or not they’re a couple now, we’re betting that whomever she hooks up with in future will have a mental image of a “cup-o-noodles.” Overall, Iggy’s fans applauded her sex-positive tweet, though. Aussie radio host Michael Beveridge even wrote, “Hell yeah. I love Horny Late Night Iggy.” She’s certainly speaking her mind!

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