Bella Thorne Reveals Struggles With Cystic Acne — Her New Treatment That Can Help You

Bella Thorne has been open and honest with her fans for years, but in a new documentary, she talks about how painful having acne really is. Watch her interview below.

Bella Thorne, 20, is so #unfiltered on her social media, and that’s one of the reasons we love her. Bella’s sister Dani says she isn’t afraid to post her acne or something like getting a wax! “I put myself out there the way I do on social media because I want people to see who I am,” Bella told Vogue in a new short film. Bella also reveals she’s starting a makeup line! “It keeps expanding,” she says about her world. As much as Bella loves experimenting with beauty, she doesn’t always feel like makeup, but she feels pressure to do so.
“There’s paparazzi parked outside my house at all times. I have to think about what I look like. If I go out without makeup, [they say] she must have been partying the night before, look at her skin, she’s wrecked. No, it’s because I struggle with cystic acne.” Bella is involved in so many projects — music, acting, producing, writing — she doesn’t have time to feel self-conscious about her skin!

COSMEDIX is a clean skincare brand that Bella has been using as of late. Bella has a facialist in Los Angeles who has been using the line on her skin. She posted online from the treatment table, thanking the brand for their “nano needling peel.” They have cleansers, serums and masks to try at home, and the brand is cruelty free. Thank you for being so relatable about your acne struggle, Bella!

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