Sexton Is A Total Boss In Luxe Video For ‘Flexton’: ‘I Hope It Inspires Fans To Be Themselves’

Sexton has performed with Kanye West, and if you're not already obsessed with the rising Aussie rapper, you will be once you watch her new video for 'Flexton!'

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Above, we’ve got your exclusive first look at Sexton‘s music video for “Flexton,” which features an adorable baby kangaroo. If that doesn’t sell you, keep reading for our Q&A with the up-and-coming Australian artist!

How did you come up with the concept for the “Flexton” video?
When I wrote the song, It came really naturally. I wanted the video to feel the same way — effortless and natural, but still artistic. I worked with two female directors, and we wanted to come up with something relatable, empowering for women and fashion-forward. So we created this vibrant, futuristic world. It also gives the audience an aesthetically pleasing visual introduction to me as an artist! As for the kangaroo idea, I’ve had it for a few years. I’m from Australia, and what better flex than to have a kangaroo in a rap video wearing an iced-out chain?

What do you want fans to take away from the visual?
I want people to walk away loving the video so much that it inspires them to want to pursue their dreams. I want people to push themselves outside the box. I hope it inspires people to want to learn the choreography, experiment with fashion, and most importantly, be themselves!

Any wild moments on set?
On the second day of shooting, the Cadillac’s transmission broke and the male model got into a huge car accident in Hollywood. Those two things happened within one hour, so we were all wondering what the universe was trying to tell us with that one. The joey [baby kangaroo] also had to wear a bright red diaper because kangaroos aren’t exactly potty trained!

What’s the meaning behind the song itself?
“Flex” is a word used a lot today in the US. One day, I posted an Instagram photo of myself looking fly as hell in a new outfit and randomly thought of making the caption “Flexton” — a play off my name, Sexton. Honestly, the only person that inspired “Flexton” was myself. When I got in the booth, I freestyled the hook and it became a song. The meaning is really just me being lit, young and fun, on my way to being rich, while flexin’ everyday in some sauced-out fashion.

What can we expect from your upcoming EP?
Sonically, it’s definitely got an urban Atlanta vibe, but I’m putting a different spin on the genre. I was in Atlanta during the whole recording process and I was going through relationship issues, while being happy as hell to be Top 10 on radio, so all of that comes out in the three songs.

Can fans look forward to any live dates in 2018?
Most definitely. I’m performing at Puffy‘s Coachella party this weekend, then I’m flying to Detroit to open for Tee Grizzley, and there’s more in the pipeline.

Finally, who do you want to collaborate with?
Timbaland and I are working together at the moment, which is definitely a dream. Drake, Kanye West, Nas, Eminem, Post Malone, XXXtentacion, A$AP Rocky, Sampha, Rae Sremmurd…those are others that come to mind.