‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Recap: Jackson & April Kiss — Is His Romance With Maggie Already Over?

Awkward! Maggie and Jackson's romance hit some major speed bumps during the March 22 episode of 'Grey's Anatomy'.

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Maggie and Jackson may have just started their romance, but it already hit a few speed bumps during the March 22 episode of Grey’s Anatomy. First, they were caught by Richard and Catherine while they were finishing a hot make-out session, and Catherine was none too pleased. So much so, in fact, that it affected their concentration toward the vaginoplasty surgery they had scheduled with Caitlyn Jenner‘s BFF. The patient eventually got fed up with their arguing and forced them to make up. But while Jackson thought his mom was upset with him for dating his “stepsister”, she later revealed that what upset her most was the fear of losing Richard if he one day takes Maggie’s side if she and Jackson break up. Jackson insisted that Richard is not like his real dad and would never do such a thing, so that pretty much put an end to any worry Catherine may have had. But her fears of a breakup may not have been so far fetched. Which brings us to Jackson and Maggie’s second speed bump… April.

April went absolutely crazy during some sort of trauma competition — the very same type of one she took part in several seasons ago. Anyway, despite Owen’s hesitation, April took the lead and pretty much put the interns through hell, making up all sorts of fake scenarios so it was nearly impossible for them to save their “patients”. By the end of the mock emergency lesson, April was freaking out and desperately trying to resuscitate one of the dummies. Andrew tried calming her down, but she just raced off in a panic. A few minutes later, she ran into Jackson, who noticed she was spiraling out of control. He rushed her into a supply closet and asked what he could do to help her. But advice and words of wisdom were not what she wanted — instead, she hugged him and then went in for a kiss. He pulled back, but it took him a few seconds to really stop what was going on — just long enough to get #Japril fans’ panties in a bunch. When he said she can’t do that, but he’d be willing to do anything else to ease her sorrows, she huffed and told him to take Harriet for the night. The only problem was, he and Maggie had plans for sexy time. So, Maggie was definitely bummed to see he was on babysitting duty for the night. And we don’t think she’ll be too pleased when she finds out he and April shared a kiss.

Meanwhile, Meredith nearly quit the hospital’s contest until Jo talked her back into it. Jo said she can’t let Ellis’ muddy past dictate her future, and Meredith actually agreed. So patent or no patent, Meredith and Jo are going full force ahead with their project.

Someone else who may be moving forward — or east, we should say — is Arizona. After Sofia cried to her and said she misses her friends and mommy (Callie), who are all back in NYC, Arizona suggested they take an adventure together the next day. Well, she did so after having a really rough day at work. But anyway, it seems pretty obvious that they’re heading to NYC — even if it’s just for a day. But is that where Arizona will end up when the season wraps? We already know she’s leaving the series, so it’s definitely a possibility… and an ending for Arizona we can definitely get behind. #CalzonaForever

And finally, after having some hot sex together, Amelia came to a realization that Owen’s been in love with Teddy for years and he needs to take advantage of his new single status and tell her how he feels, so he can finally figure out if they’re meant to be. That way, if Amelia and Owen ever get back together one day, Teddy won’t be lingering in the back of his mind forever and ever.

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