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‘The Fosters’ Finale: Meg DeLacy Reflects On Grace’s [Spoiler] & Reveals Grace & Brandon Tribute Song

'The Fosters' spring finale was a tear-jerker. HL talked EXCLUSIVELY with Meg DeLacy about Brandon and Grace's love story. Plus, she's gifting fans with a tribute song to the beloved couple!

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The spring finale of The Fosters (and 100th episode!) was full of so many incredible and cry-worthy moments. During the two-hour finale, Brandon (David Lambert) and Grace’s (Meg DeLacy) relationship came to a devastating end. Grace revealed that her treatment didn’t work, and she was stopping it altogether. Brandon was by Grace’s side as she succumbed to cancer in one of the show’s most gut-wrenching moments of all time. She made him promise that he would go to Coachella, even if she couldn’t.

HollywoodLife talked EXCLUSIVELY with Meg about the heartbreaking finale. She’s also debuting her new track “Trapeze.” Meg had this message for fans about the song: “‘Trapeze’ is a tribute to Grace and Brandon, who had the love of a lifetime, and to The Fosters and fans for letting me bring Grace into our hearts. Thank you to The Fosters family for the Forever Love we all deserve.” You can listen to “Trapeze” HERE! Plus, Meg talks about filming Grace’s final scenes, Grace and Brandon’s relationship, what’s next for her, and more! Check out our Q&A below!

How far ahead did you know Grace’s story would end this way?
Meg DeLacy: At my audition, they had mentioned that Grace is sick and has been sick in the past, but producers didn’t know with what or to what extent. It was a mystery even when we started shooting the second half of season 5.

What was it like filming Grace’s final scenes with Brandon?
Meg DeLacy: Oh my goodness, it was rough. Probably some of my most depressing days to be honest. It has been so real for my co-star and me playing Brandon and Grace for the last year, and it all came together that last week.

Do you think Grace changed her medical proxy so Brandon wouldn’t have to make that tough decision?
Meg DeLacy: Yes. She let her mind take over her heart before realizing it, and she finally put herself in his shoes. Even that would have been hard for Brandon Foster to deal with. Both Brandon and Grace played this Romeo and Juliet-esq situation before reality set in. It was a heartbreaking reality for them.

What has been your favorite aspect to Grace and Brandon’s relationship?
Meg DeLacy: They really make each other better. Together they learned how to love, play music, and be honest. Sure they had their hardships, but they managed to grow from them together and independently. They also found that true love of a lifetime.

Are you satisfied with how Grace’s story ended?
Meg DeLacy: I am. It was always meant to happen this way. I didn’t realize the impact it would have on Brandon’s character, but he needed this to happen. Yes it is sad, but through heartache comes strength and endurance. Grace’s ending ensures that she can always be with him no matter what. It’s The Fosters way.

I loved all of the Brandon and Grace performances throughout the episode, what was like getting to share that experience with David for the finale?
Meg DeLacy: [It was] very special, especially since the finale was one of his last episodes to film for The Fosters in general. Oh, it was painful spending the last few scenes crying and in this incredibly emotional place. All we could talk about between set ups was how excited we were to just to head home and cook a warm comforting meal with a bottle of red wine and be with each other.

What was your last day on set like?
Meg DeLacy: Bittersweet for so many reasons: The Fosters last regular episode, the Brandon and Grace storyline ending, but fortunately our last scene ever was at sunset. So you could say we ended it perfectly and in the most breathtaking, beautiful way.

What has The Fosters meant to you?
Meg DeLacy: It is really ONE BIG OL’ FAMILY. Being on this show was such a blessing and working with people that have been together for the last 5 years, who include you as if you’d been there from the beginning, they couldn’t have been more welcoming. I am so very grateful to all of them. And what a run The Fosters had, especially the last couple of seasons with all the social conversations it sparked — and continues to.

What was the inspiration behind “Trapeze”?
Meg DeLacy: A few years ago, I was at a turning point in my life. I needed to make big decisions that would change my life. It was the first time I felt like it was so hard to take a certain road or make a tough decision. Then I realized that I could dictate what would happen next instead of letting other people or situations dictate it for me. Writing “Trapeze” was cathartic in a way. I felt strong and proud that I could feel those difficult emotions and come out of an experience better than okay.

Are you planning a music video for “Trapeze?”
Meg DeLacy: Potentially. I’ve been talking to my “Bruises” videographer and director, and we have some ideas for “Trapeze;” making it more of a story. I love what we’ve come up with so far, so… possibly.

What was your reaction when you learned about Miguel’s big shoutout to you?
Meg DeLacy: I freaked a bit. I was on a road trip to Arizona with some best friends and my producer calls me and says, “Hey, check your messages.” They had not gone through yet because of our weird service driving in remote places. Once I saw his video he posted I was so stoked and also just proud to make music that my peers AND MIGUEL enjoy listening to.

Who are some of your dream collaborators?
Meg DeLacy: I’ve always wanted to write with Jhene Aiko. Every song she writes, I can’t help but click with her lyrics and how she phrases her words. Amy Winehouse would be another dream if only her presence still blessed this earth.

Will you be releasing an album soon?
Meg DeLacy: The goal is to release an EP near my birthday in July or by late fall.

What’s next for you?
Meg DeLacy: Everything — I can’t wait!