‘The Walking Dead’ Updates Us On Gabriel During Slowest Moving War Ever

In another filler episode of 'The Walking Dead', we find out what Gabriel, Dr. Carson and Maggie have been up to while Carl was dying.

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The March 11 episode of The Walking Dead was yet another slow-moving episode meant to catch us up on characters we haven’t seen in a while. Though I was happy to see Maggie (Lauren Cohan), Gabriel (Seth Gilliam), and even Dr. Carson (R. Keith Harris), this episode wasn’t that exciting. Even a bunch of random Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) scenes couldn’t give this hour of television a pule, sadly. But, I digress… now onto HollywoodLife‘s recap of everything that happened on TWD.

We’ll start with Gabriel and Dr. Carson. As you might remember they made a great escape from the Sanctuary in the first half of season eight thanks to Eugene (Josh McDermitt). While out on the run they not only get lost but their car dies, leaving them to walk on foot. The problem? Gabriel is not just deathly ill, he’s also losing his vision — something you desperately need in a world where decomposing corpses are coming at you at every turn. However, Gabriel’s lack of sight means his other senses are heightened, and a peculiar sound draws him into the woods to find a small abandoned home. Gabriel is sure that God is at work here, especially when they discover multiple bottles of antibiotics in the bedroom. A miracle! In the apocalypse!

Gabriel takes some antibiotics and gets just enough rest for his fever to break, but then he’s determined to keep moving. Eventually they accidentally find car keys and a map — another miracle! In the apocalypse! This leads them into the yard to find the garage only for Dr. Carson to get his leg caught in a bear claw trap. Ready for the third miracle? Using a gun he has to find by feeling around on the group, half-blind Gabriel shoots a perfect bullet into the brain of a dead one that is laying on top of Dr. Carson. Man, three miracles in one day? Gabriel’s really racking ’em up. Anyway, they finally get to the Jeep only to get tracked by saviors before they can so much as put the car in drive. The Saviors throw them in the back of a pick up truck which is when Dr. Carson tries to steal one of their guns and gets shot dead on the spot. Sucks to be him.

In other news, Daryl and the rest of Alexandria finally make it to The Hilltop where they have to deliver the news about Carl. Everyone cries. Then we find out that they are running very low on supplies, so Maggie orders to cut off the Saviors they are holding hostage. One of the Saviors tries to appeal to Maggie’s good side by asking if they can be let out of their prison for good behavior, but she turns them down for about five minutes before reconsidering. Despite everything, Maggie still has some humanity left in her. Lets hope she keeps it.

By the way, Tara (Alanna Masterson) went rogue on Dwight (Austin Amelio) during their trek from Alexandria to The Hilltop. After both Rosita (Christian Serratos) and Daryl (Norman Reedus) refused to let her kill him multiple times, she waited for a chance to get him alone and tried to shoot him. They chased each other through the woods only to have to hide in the bushes together when a group of Saviors showed up. When the Saviors mentioned heading in the direction towards where the Alexandrians were currently hiding, Dwight risked everything by jumping out of the bushes to throw the Saviors off — and save everyone’s lives.

Lastly, Negan finally gives Eugene everything he needs to start his bullet factory. This includes workers to help and wives to cook and offer some TLC. For some reason this gives Eugene a massive power trip which makes the world even more mad that he’s still alive. In fact, it’s possible that Eugene is beyond redemption… but this is The Walking Dead so who knows what can happen down the line. Anyway, after Gabriel is caught Negan brings him to Eugene’s bullet factory to work. Eugene tells Negan they won’t be able to make bullets as quickly as he wants but instead offers an alternative: to start using walker guts as a weapon. Negan takes this idea and runs with it, planning an all-out attack on the Hilltop using weapons covered in walker guts to turn people faster. Not cool.

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