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Turpin House Of Horrors: Daughter, 17, Desperately Posted Videos While Allegedly Tortured

The 17-year-old daughter who escaped from the Turpins' house of horrors had secret YouTube and Instagram accounts. Here's what she reportedly posted online.

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Turpin Family Home
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The brave teenager who alerted authorities that she and her siblings were being held prisoner in squalid conditions by their parents loved going online like any other girl her age. The 17-year-old Turpin daughter reportedly has a YouTube account under an alias, according to Good Morning America, and often posted videos of herself singing. The songs are all original works, and she has a beautiful voice. In the video below, GMA shows clips from her videos. Her identity is still concealed for her protection and privacy.

Her last video was posted just seven days before she daringly escaped the family home and called 911, a heroic act that saved herself and her 12 other siblings from the alleged torture inflicted upon them daily. More videos from her account show her playing with the family’s two dogs — the only members of the family, besides the Turpins’ two-year-old daughter, who were not found extremely malnourished. The videos show the deterioration of the family home, where the kids were allegedly held captive, chained to beds at times and denied food. You can see dirty clothes piled on the floor and significant grit and grime coating the walls and carpet.

The girl also apparently has a secret Instagram account filled with content that any teenager would post. The photos were not shown on TV, but GMA says that the account was filled with selfies, pics of animals, and lots of Justin Bieber.

The kids in this family, ranging in ages 2-29, were reportedly tortured and isolated from each other by their parents, Louise Turpin, 49, and David Turpin, 56, for their entire lives. Their abuse went undetected by neighbors, schools, and family for years as the Turpins operated under the guise of homeschooling the children. They’re currently getting physical and psychological help, working to learn social skills and understanding about “how the world works,” according to investigation. David and Louise Turpin face 82 separate counts of abuse and are facing life in prison.