‘Dexter’ Revival: Why Michael C. Hall Thinks Season 9 Is A ‘Dead Issue’

'Dexter' fans started freaking out on March 6, when a rumor started swirling about a potential revival for the Showtime series. Sadly, star Michael C. Hall isn't interested.

Dexter on Showtime
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Image Credit: Courtesy of Showtime

Michael [C. Hall] isn’t one who is all about revivals and he also would love to be known for something else besides Dexter. And that is why he would like to separate himself from revival talk and or any type of new season talk. He feels like the show is done and any return should be considered a dead issue. He appreciates what the character did for his career and bank account, but he wants to move on from the character forever,” a source close to Michael C. Hall tells HollywoodLife.com EXCLUSIVELY. Disappointing, right?

As Dexter fans ourselves, this new development hurts. Especially because we, along with many more Dexter fans, jumped for joy upon hearing that a revival of the series might be happening, nearly five years after the series finale aired in September 2013. In case you’re unaware, a promotional image showing Michael C. Hall (Dexter) and Yvonne Strahovski’s (Hannah) faces over a white boat floating on blood in water went viral on March 6, when fans started speculating about a new season of the series. Especially because the image showed a “09/2018” with a knife, and the logos for Dexter, Showtime and Netflix. Sadly, the poster originated from Euforia Studios on Facebook in May 2017, so the rumor was soon squashed as a hoax.

But even so, Michael C. Hall doesn’t seem interested in doing any sort of revival for Dexter, even if Showtime was interested in doing one.

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