Ashanti Slams Ex Nelly Amidst Recent Rape Allegations Against Him: ‘F*** Nelly’ — Watch

Ashanti told fans how she really feels about ex-boyfriend Nelly, slamming him in concert before launching into song. Watch the wild video here!

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A fan caught an incredible moment at a recent Ashanti concert, when the singer launched into a tirade about ex-boyfriend Nelly. If you recall, the two singers dated for nearly a decade before eventually splitting in 2013. Ashanti told her fans, “see I just wanna make sure ya’ll understand exactly what I’m saying. Cuz I’ve been betrayed before, publicly at that.” Whoa! Scroll down to watch her speech in the video below.

At one point, a fan in the audience yelled, “f**k Nelly!” and she replied, “word.” That’s it. Ashanti then launched into a song that included the lyrics,”with all the love that I’ve gave, and all the love that we’ve made.” It’s unclear what prompted her to talk about Nelly in concert. This isn’t the first time she’s described Nelly as “betraying her.” Back in 2015, Ashanti visited the Meredith Viera Show and said that, “I think sometimes when people have their own insecurities it allows them to act out of character.

“I’ve been betrayed,” she said during the interview three years ago. “Again, you just have to grow. You have to grow up and accept responsibilities for the things that you do,” she continued, without giving specifics. “I’m not a big fan of people being cowards. I think it’s really important to know yourself and understand what you want and get it. I’m in a different place right now.”

This is about as much as Ashanti’s offered up about their breakup until now. We still don’t know what exactly happened, but it seems like she’s placing the blame on Nelly. Her concert callout comes at an already chaotic time for the “Hot in Herre” singer. Nelly has been accused of sexual assault again, just two months after another woman came forward to accuse him of allegedly raping her. Charges against Nelly were eventually dropped.

Nelly’s attorney, Scott Rosenblum, released a statement denying the allegations to “These allegations arose after Ms. Green amended her suit for money to include a reference to these claims.  The fact that the police are investigating these claims is not new information and Nelly welcomes a thorough investigation. Nelly is confident that once investigated, these claims will be determined to be disingenuous. Nelly was accompanied by his girlfriend during this tour and she was at his side throughout. It is important that police investigate every allegation of this nature.”

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