Instagram Celeb Woah Vicky Arrested For Allegedly Kicking Cop In Mall Fight — Watch

Woah, indeed. A new frightening video has surfaced showing Instagram star Woah Vicky getting arrested after an alleged violent altercation with police that led to a false active shooter report.

Woah Vicky
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Image Credit: Courtesy of Instagram

Absolute chaos broke out at North Carolina’s Four Seasons Town Centre following false reports of an active shooter. That’s where Instagram celebrity Woah Vicky (real name: Victoria Waldrip), 17, was arrested, according to The Blast. To be clear, Vicky is not being charged with inciting the panic. She’s facing allegations of assaulting an officer and resisting, delaying or obstructing an officer. She allegedly kicked one of the officers at the mall. Vicky’s arrest in the midst of the false alarm was entirely captured on video, painting a terrifying scene. Head here to see photos of celebs with mugshots.

In the clips that followed, Vicky is shown getting wrestled to the ground by 2 police officers as onlookers scream. According to the outlet, her friends were among the loudest decrying her detainment. The shouting eventually led to someone shouting “shots fired.” This naturally escalated the situation. “Subsequently several other juveniles inside the mall began running around and screaming,” a rep for the Greensboro Police Department told The Blast in a statement. “As all that was transpiring an unidentified individual shouted something about shots being fired and panic ensued throughout the mall. GPD received multiples calls of shots fired and/or an active shooter in the mall.” Thankfully, it only took moments for police to confirm that the active shooter claims were false.

Like many Instagram celebs, Vicky is best know for her controversial and sometimes off-putting videos as well as numerous selfies, which have garnered her 1.4 million followers.

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