Tokyo Toni Calls Kris Jenner: Jokingly Asks Her To Organize ‘Hoe Walk’ – Hollywood Life

Blac Chyna’s Mother Calls Kris Jenner To Ask Her Help In Creating A ‘Hoe-Walk’ — Watch Wild Video

Kris Jenner? Answer the phone, Tokyo Toni's got an important question to ask you...about a hoe walk! Watch Tokyo make her wacky phone call here!

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Tokyo Toni & Kris Jenner
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Blac Chyna‘s mom, Tokyo Toni decided to call Kris Jenner out of the blue for a friendly chat on February 7, and left her a truly wild voicemail when she didn’t pick up. Tokyo’s apparently trying to bury the hatchet with Kris after their kids’ relationship crashed and burned, and she has a super fun way for them to reconnect. Read the transcript of the phone call, and watch the video of her making it below!

“Hey Kris, it’s Tokyo. I was wondering, I’m just saying, real talk b***h, you know how it is,” Tokyo says in the video, talking into her phone. “I’ll smoke a J, you get some f**king vodka, and we sit down at the motherf**king roundtable, me and you. I’m thinking we should do a Hoe Walk. They got a Slut Walk, they got the Gay Pride. We should do a Hoe Walk. You know, the Hoe Walk of Life? Yes. Everyone can’t be a slut. You know what I mean? 

It’s unclear why she thinks Kris would be the best person to do a Hoe Walk with, but maybe it’s because her daughter does the Slut Walk with her best friend, the walk’s organizer Amber Rose? Can you imagine Tokyo and Kris as besties?! Though Chyna and Rob Kardashian are no longer together or getting married, they do have an adorable baby girl, Dream Kardashian, together. These grandmas will be forever connected!

“I think this would be a good thing, so, when you get this message, call me back,” Tokyo continues. “My proceeds of it — we’ll discuss, okay? I can bring at least 15-2000 people to this Hoe Walk, because I know 2000 hoes personally. So, I will wait for your call — you or Kim. Call me back. Tell that b***h I said why she ain’t seen my motherf**king gift? I thinking that she don’t like or is confused about me, but tell her I love her anyway.”

So, Tokyo apparently sent Kim a gift after Chicago West‘s birth, but she didn’t thank her? Interesting! And if you didn’t figure it out while watching the video below, Tokyo’s not actually calling Kris. That’s not a real phone. This is absolutely hilarious, and it’s going to get back to Kris anyway. It’s on Instagram! We can’t wait to see if she responds.

HollywoodLifers, how do you think Kris would respond if Toni actually called her up for a Hoe Walk? Let us know!