Katie Holmes Heartbroken Tom Cruise Doesn’t See Suri: Jamie Foxx’s Stepped Up As Father Figure

Suri & Tom Cruise reportedly haven't seen each other in years! To make matters worse, HL learned exclusively, Katie Holmes doesn't expect Tom to reenter their lives.

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Suri Cruise and Katie Holmes
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Due to Tom Cruise‘s, 55, staunch loyalty to Scientology, he allegedly hasn’t seen his daughter Suri Cruise, 11, in five years. And while a new report claims the actor is contemplating leaving his religion in order to reunite with his little girl, Katie Holmes, 39, is NOT holding her breath. Although Katie would love for her ex and their daughter to have a relationship again, she doesn’t believe the actor has what it takes to leave Scientology for good. Lucky for Suri though, she has a new father figure in her life now — Katie’s BF Jamie Foxx, 50. Click here to see adorable pics of Suri with Katie.

“Katie would be thrilled to see Tom leave Scientology, she’d love to see him build a healthy relationship with Suri,” a source close to Katie told HollywoodLife.com EXCLUSIVELY. “It would be a dream come true actually, but she’s not expecting it. She has zero hope that Tom will leave Scientology for Suri — he’s made it clear many times over that he’s in it for life.” Even still though, certain individuals, like Leah Remini, 47, have indeed escaped the religion’s clutches. However, Katie seems to think Tom is in way too deep for that at this point.

“People change and they do leave, so it’s always possible that Tom will walk away, but it’s very slim and she knows it,” our insider explained. “It breaks Katie’s heart that Suri doesn’t have a relationship with Tom, there’s a definite hole in her life because of it — he is missed. Katie is such a daddy’s girl herself, she can’t imagine a life without a close relationship with her dad. But unfortunately that’s the reality for Suri.” As a result of Tom’s absence, Katie has had to majorly stepped up as a parent — and it has not been easy. At the same time though, Katie doesn’t regret the sacrifices she’s made for her little girl. And now that she’s dating Jamie, who’s a family man, things are finally starting to get a little easier.

“Katie’s tried so hard to be all things to Suri, there’s a definite hole there left by Tom, and Katie does her best to fill it,” the source added. “She’s grateful to have Jamie in her life now, he’s becoming more and more of a father figure to Suri and she’s very grateful for that.” As HollywoodLife.com has previously reported, Jamie and Suri get along great, and she enjoys having him in her life just as much as Katie does!

Tell us, HollywoodLifers — are you shocked Tom and Suri still have no relationship? Do you think he’ll ever come back into her life?