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‘Price Is Right’: Drew Carey Gets Yanked To The Ground By Overexcited Contestant — Watch

Oh no! Drew Carey couldn't keep his balance on 'The Price is Right' when a contestant hugged him a little too hard and made him topple over. See the wild mishap here!

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Drew Carey, 59, was shockingly brought down to the floor by an overzealous contestant on the Jan. 24 episode of The Price is Right and it was definitely unforgettable! The contestant was a woman named Sona and after her name was called to go to the stage in the preliminary round, she got so excited that her hug with Drew caused him to fall off the stage onto his side! SEE THE VIDEO OF DREW’S FALL BELOW! Luckily, the host wasn’t hurt and seemed to take the whole thing in stride as other contestants quickly helped him get back up and Sona continued to glow in her winning glory. She ended up winning a treadmill and $2, 000 so her now infamous hug turned fall was well worth it! SEE SOME OF THE BEST PHOTOS OF CELEBRITY FALLS HERE!

The fall was certainly newsworthy but it’s not an uncommon thing when it comes to live television. Back in Oct. Wendy Williams made headlines when she fainted and fell on her live talk show and who could forget Jennifer Lawrence‘s wipe out while climbing the stairs to accept her award in a huge gown at the 2013 Academy Awards? From hosts and musicians to actors and athletes, falling seems inevitable at some point and as long as no one gets hurt, it can get pretty amusing, even for the ones who fall!

While it’s true that falling can happen on any show, The Price is Right has a long history of tumbles. Since it’s a game show filled with tons of energetic and excited contestants, many have fell over while running on down after their names are called or simply spinning the heavy big wheel of money Most of them don’t break a sweat, though, since they’re too busy being grateful for getting to compete and having a chance to win amazing prizes!

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